Ricky Bobby has been organizing a quick turnaround to buy school supplies
for at risk children before the school year begins. See the flyer below.  YHC
would like to use this as an awesome opportunity to explain the Third F of F3,

F3 defines faith at the most basic level: believing in something bigger than
yourself. F3 does not adhere to one religion or core set of beliefs beyond that
basic concept. While most of F3 Cherokee is very much a Christian based Faith
and I myself strive to follow Jesus, that is not required. We welcome all men
from all faiths and all levels of faith.  The point is that a man’s faith
is as central to him living right as his fitness and fellowship and having
faith starts with the belief in something bigger than yourself.  This is
one of the best parts of F3.  For each of the 3 Fs, F3 offers the spark
that can set fire to a man’s fitness, friendships, and soul catapulting him to
be a leader in his community.

The back to school drive Ricky Bobby is putting together is the Third F at
its most simplest. There are kids in our community that do not have what they
need. We have the ability to help provide a small portion of what they need
just by thinking about something more than ourselves.

As an form of encouragement and because we like challenges, YHC will perform
30 minutes of Burpees during the 2.0 workout this Saturday if we hit $1000 by Friday
night at 10:00p.m when YHC goes to bed. I am not talking about the flying squirrel non merkin and thrust your legs kind of burpee that YHC usually performs, but a burpee that Do-Si-Do will be proud of. We are currently at $265 raised in 5
days with about 10 guys contributing. I know Saturday is only a couple days
away, but it can be done.  A total of 77 different men posted just last
week.  That would get us to $770 if everyone gave just $10 and $1540 if
everyone gave $20.  $1000 should surpass the goal of 25 packs.  I
hate burpees, so as much as I would love not to do 30 minutes of burpees, I am
reserving the 8:10 to 8:40 time slot for just that. Who knows, if the Pax goes
above this goal, I may even be forced to post before the burpee challenge to
the Hurt Locker and make it worse on myself.


Law Dog


Donate Here: paypal.me/pools/c/864FOLvELK


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