DATE: 06/14/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Manning, Spanx, The Fridge, Dandy, Smurfette, Yogi, Nomad, Homeboy, Mickey, Primo, Kiffin, The Butcher, Wiggum, Cuban, Molson, Tebow, Legionairre, FNG

Total # of PAX: 19

QIC: Spaceballs


Starting the backlist with a huge apology to my fellow PAX.  I “Lawdogged” today and I’m sorry.

Not a great excuse, but the story is real.  On the way out the door, I was surprised by the unexpected appearance of my daughter Sydney.   Kids aren’t usually awake at 5AM.   A pile of presents can do that though.  Today happens to be her 11th birthday so as the loving father I am, i had to hug her and share birthday wishes.  Long story short, the Q was tardy for his own workout party.  Thanks to homeboy for picking me up and launching the warmup.  And thanks to the PAX for giving me appropriate crap.


As I reached the traffic light on East Cherokee, the PAX started with a Homeboy lead mosey to the elementary school parking lot.  Not sure what happened first, as I frantically pulled into the lot and fast moseyed to the pax.  Upon arrival, we jumped into some weed pickers followed by some windmills.  Then a short mosey to the coupon pile.


Grab a coupon and back up the hil to the benches in front of the schooll.  We started “The Sydney” at this point.  The whole thing was based on 11.  First- 11 dips,11 coupon presses, 11 dips, 11 coupon curls, 11dips, 11 squats.  Airchair to the 6.  Rinse and repeat.  The Fridge moseyed up right as we were readying the R&R.  finished up and returned the coupons.

Next, 2 lines for an Indian run up the hill.  Once both lines hit 1 round,  we stopped for what was apparently the third day some of you have done 11’s.  This one had been brewing in my head for a while.  Traditional ascending squats at the top and descending merkins at the bottom adding to 11 each time.  The real work came in between.  on each trip up the hill, PAX did bear crawl, backwards bear crawl, crab walk, backwards crab walk, and sundials(thanks Whammo).  Rinse and repeat to complete the 11’s.  Mosey to the end of the parking lot.

Next was Catch Me If You Can.  Squats/backpeddle.  Once caught, a set of partner rows for the chaser and reverse it.  2 laps.  Mosey to the flag for Mary

Once again, 11 was the number of the day.  Dieing Cockroach, Reverse LBC, Haha Specials, Mickey led Maktar Enjais, and we almost had a round of Bobby Hurleys lead by Tebow, but the clock ran out.



Pax is back on track with the name-o-rama.  Welcome FNG Glowplug.

Check the calendar for  upcoming events.  Too many to name.

Each PAX shared something we were grateful for.

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  1. Good Q! Those Sun Dials where tough… well done.

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