DATE: 07/11/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Ricky Bobby, Spanx, Mr Miyagi, FNG-Good Will, Suave, Wild Thing, Faux Hawk, Marky Mark, Matchstick, Fleetwood, Mouth to Mouth, Homeboy, Garfield, Beater, Hooch, Nomad, Conquistador, Barney, Tiny Tat, Pulte,

Total # of PAX: 21

QIC: Spaceballs


The HurtLocker did it. The Paragon did it.  Now the Clinic has done it.  With the crazy explosion this F3 Cherokee thing, especially the huge success of the Clinic, its time for some fresh blood to step up and Q.  What better way to get some toes wet than a little Q school.    Heres how it went down…

As my $10.00 fitness tracker from Target struck 5:30 the PAX exploded into an easy mosey up the amphitheater stairs to the greenspace beside the pavilion.  FNG today, so the F3 welcome speech made an appearance and we jumped into SSH.  Then a slow windmill where YHC blabbered about how important stretching is, mostly for us middle agers and above, but its never too early to start stretching.  Next we slowed it down even more  with some weed pickers, and knowing that it would be close on timing, the pax quickly moseyed back to the amphitheater.


Today we did the Sundial workout.  In the center was a bag of wood blocks with an exercise written on each.  The PAX circled up around it and YHC pulled out a block to lead the group in said exercise.  Once  completed, each PAX backpedaled to a designated spot for, thanks to Homeboy, 5 burpees.  It was going to be 5 Merkins, but as this is a peer lead group, YHC is open to suggestions.  Return to the circle and rotate 1 spot clockwise for the next PAX to get a block and a turn leading.  At about 18 men, we audibled to no more back pedal burpees.  The play call worked as all 21 PAX got to lead an exercise.

We sacrificed Mary today.  Conquistador closed  out the sundial with a partner carry the ended promptly at 6:15:59

Some highlight from todays workout:

Mouth to Mouth Throwing away the block(Switch Lunges) and calling American Hammers.

Marky Mark giving us 5 suicides.

Chicago area regular Mr Miyagi somehow pulling out Daniel Sons.

Suave crushing us with what felt like 50 Crunchy Frogs.

And of course Homeboy somehow forgetting how to call a workout.



Each PAX told us something that motivates them.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great job leading today by each and every PAX.  Truth is Qing is not only easier than you think, but also can be a lot of fun.  Many of us started with a half Q or just leading one section of a workout.  If you want to give it a try, feel free to approach me or really anyone who has Q’ed a workout.  In my experience, every man in this group would be happy to help.

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