DATE: 07/13/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Lawdog, Yogi, C4, Fleetwood, Pauley, Noman, Wigham

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Aquaman


This morning your Q decided to drop a surprise announcement that would continue a theme throughout the quarter q. My wife and I are expecting our first child, so to help me prepare for their arrival, the beat downs will assist with fatherhood.


A quick mosey lap around the parking lot and back in time for Yogi to come to the rescue with a Bluetooth speaker as mine was broken.

SSH X Weed Pickers X Sun Gods X Windmill as I tried and pair to the new speaker


The thang was escalating partner workout.

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does the workout. Each round you start again with the 5 burpees

Burpees 5

American hammers 10

Burpo 15

Imperial Walkers 20

Elevated Merkins 25

Squats 30


Two Rounds of 11’s

First round our babies were Burping and Pooping. So we did some burpees and monkey humpers with a run to the end of the playground in between.

Round two: We had to clean up our babies. Wipers or(Ironcrosses) and diapers (pull-ups) with a lap around the playground in between.

Ran out of time and finished up at the flag as Nomad and I discussed a potential future beatdown.


In all the excitement to get to the COT your Q almost skipped name O rama.

Fleetwood has an upcoming decision and prayers for the morning sickness to end.

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