DATE: 08/08/2018

WHERE: The Vineyard

THE PAX: Garfield, Fuzzy, Tiny Tat, LawDog, Wheelin’ and Dealin’, Mouth to Mouth, Beater, Wild Thing

Total # of PAX: 9

QIC: Westside


It’s a beautiful day in F3 when you launch a new AO and today was no exception. 9 PAX showed up eager to do a recon for what would be officially called ‘The Vineyard’ after the beatdown. At exactly 0530 we were off with a mosey.


Short mosey to the edge of the parking lot where we circled up and performed:

15x SSH
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Copperhead Squats

We had a lot of ground to cover so we quickly gathered around for the first exercise.


The goal was to get the PAX moving so that we could see what our new AO had to offer. What better way than with a Route 66?

Route 66

PAX lined up at the edge of the parking lot under the first light pole and performed 1 Merkin. The PAX would perform an additional Merkin at each subsequent light pole (i.e. 2 Merkins at the 2nd, 3 Merkins at the 3rd, etc). Turns out you could do an entire beatdown at The Vineyard with a Route 66 as there are a TON of light poles. For the purposes of this beatdown the PAX stopped at 10 in front of the school. Quick 10-count waiting on the 6 and it was time for the 2nd exercise.


At the front of the high school is a beautiful hill with a pretty nice incline (probably 30m tall and 200m wide). The PAX lined up at the bottom of the hill for 11’s. The exercises would be Big Boi situps at the bottom and Star Jumps at the top. PAX began with 1 Big Boi at the bottom of the hill and then sprinted to the top to perform 10 Star Jumps. The PAX would continue with the exercise until they completed 10 Big Boi’s at the bottom and 1 Star Jump at the top. With the sweat at full pool by this point we did another quick 10-count and then chose partners for the next exercise.

Catch Me If You Can

The PAX split into partners (there was 1 group of 3) and while 1 partner was running backwards the other would perform 5 burpees and then run forward to catch them. Once caught, the partner would then perform the burpees while the other started running backwards. The goal was to get in some cardio and also explore the outer loop of the high school. We passed by a practice football field and 2 baseball fields on this route, all well lit, and full of potential. This was probably the farthest YHC has ever gone on this exercise, but we definitely got our money’s worth. The outer loop took us back to the starting lot and after the 6 came in we moseyed over a small parking lot for the next exercise.

4 Corners

At the front lot there is a smaller parking lot that is in the shape of a perfect square and perfect for this exercise. The PAX remained with their partners and chose a corner. Each corner performed an exercise and once complete, they would move to the next corner. The goal was to always face the school so depending on the corner you were either running forward, karaoke to the right, backwards run, karaoke to the left. The corner exercises were as follows:

20x Merkins
20x Lunges (Kodiak Count)
20x Diamond Merkins
20x Star Gazer Squats

The PAX completed this routine 2 times through. You wouldn’t believe it, but after this we still had time left. Time for some fun. After a quick 10-count we moseyed back to the flag and circled up in the parking lot. All PAX were in a circle and we played a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose that Misty cleverly called PAX, PAX, HIM. The idea was the same except we were holding plank while the HIM was chosen. Once a HIM was chosen both PAX would sprint to the light pole at the end of the lot and back. The winner chose an exercise for the loser who would perform 10x of the chosen exercise. The PAX holding plank would rotate between plank and crab after each round. Drenched with sweat and fully winded we completed the fun exactly at 0615. Awesome job men!


Name-o-rama, 6th Man (Mouth 2 Mouth), prayers, and praises. With a successful recon we officially launched ‘The Vineyard’ and will begin regular beatdowns starting Monday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to start this new AO. I look back on my time at F3 and all that we have accomplished in this short amount of time. The relationships we have formed over the months are those that we will have forever and I look forward to being that change in the lives of the new FNGs that will pull up in the gloom going forward.

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