DATE: 08/03/2018

WHERE: Crossroads

THE PAX: Wigham, Yogi, Matchstick, Fleetwood, Dandy, Harp, Harding, AC, FNG(Ironman),

Total # of PAX: 10

QIC: Aquaman


Waking up to a steady mist and knowing Pax had the spartan this weekend I assumed Crossroads would have low numbers, but I felt good this morning. Now looking at the date I realized its a personal holiday(I got out of the military on Aug 3rd)


Mosey around the parking lot as we chased Dandy.

Disclosure for FNG my BIL

15 ssh/10 weed pickers/ Sun Gods/ 10 windmills and Michael Phelps


Man, now that I’ve started Q’ing, I must say it’s addicting. I enjoy the creative aspect of coming up with and structuring a beatdown. Personally? this wasn’t the toughest one I’ve planned but the most running and maybe one I’ll repeat.

We played what I’m calling capture the flag. Two teams starting at corner of school. Each team ran to each breeze way on the sides of school, where I attached sticky notes to every pole. There was 16 sticky notes with 4 of 25 merkins, 4 25 squats, 4 25 big boy sit-ups 4 x(lap) and 4 Check marks. Wach Check mark had to be ran back to your home base. After 4 Check marks team had to run to playground and find last hidden sticky note. Congrats to team 1 it was a photo finish(although we had more pax)

Next we did 1:4 lunge and air press followed by mosey to each breeze way to finish the exercises on the remaining sticky notes.

Last we played some tic tac toe. After all that running we switched up to frog hops. First pax to put down x or 0 did 2 flutter kicka and 2nd 20 merkins. Pax did Mary while waiting. Finished with 2 rounds



Prayers for Dandy’s old neighbors going through medical issues with their 2.0 and prayers for Wighams family.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG was my brother in law, Cody Pannel. He grew up in Cherokee county going to Dean Rusk and Seqouyah now living in Bridgemill. He had a pacemaker and being my brother in law he received the name Iron Man

At the end your pax took over 5,000 steps.

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