DATE: 09/13/2018

WHERE: The Vineyard

THE PAX: Smurfette, Bubba Aziz, Homeboy, Beater, Tiny Tat, Swamp Donkey

Total # of PAX: 6

QIC: Homeboy


Boys, YHC is in Disney this week with the family for fall break. Sorry for my delay. This will be quick and super boring.



Weed Pickers – IC

5 Burpees – OYO


Putle texted YHC at 5:08AM and needed a sub. With no beatdown planned, YHC decided to do week 1 of the Iron Pax Challenge. It kicked my ____ the first time and YHC hated it. When it comes to exercise, anything that is hated is usually exactly what needs to be done. So we did it again.

50 Squats / 40 BBS / 30 merkins / 20 Jumping Lunges / 10 Burpees then run .25 mile

Rinse and repeat 4 rounds

Mosey to the wall – wall sit with air presses

Mosey back to the main parking lot. About 150 yards from the shovel flag we raced back.


Some of the Pax have friends going through major illnesses. Please pray for healing. Both unspoken and spoken prayers from the Pax. Smurfette shared praise and gave major T-claps to a couple from his small group. God has performed miracles for this couple over  the past couple of years. Super encouraging to hear this kind of stuff. But even in the bad and rough seasons of our life, God is still good. YHC shared a personal experience where I was selfish in an interaction with my M. It reminded YHC that my job is to serve my M selflessly and always try to build her up. We can’t live that way on our own. Only through the power of Jesus can we serve with such selfless love.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pulte you owe me big time….

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