DATE: 07/16/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Coach, Floppy, Harp, Hombre, Naty Light, Preacher, Swisher, Voo Doo, Mickey, C4, Woody, Cricket, Misty, Dory

Total # of PAX: 14

QIC: Dory


We at the Kodiak have been missing the field as CCSS has been installing artificial turf in the stadium. As a result, we headed across the street to find the middle school field not only re-sodded but also striped. This was a pleasant surprise as YHC had hoped for just such an occurrance.


Started off with a short mosey around the parking lot which included left/right karakoe. Then circled up for…wait for it…the single most bestest exercise to begin with…the SSH! Weed pickers, windmills, sun gods, and finkle swings were added for good measure!


Lets get to that field…Indian Run Style!  Once we got to the field, YHC spilt the PAX into two teams. The teams lined up facing each other..Team 1 at the goal line, team 2 on the 25 yard line.  Time to commence with the Leg Destroyer…team 2 holds Al Gore while Team 1 does 1:4 count (squats/lunges) Lt. Dans.  Once Team 1 reached the 25 yard line, they held Al Gores until Team 2 did their Lt. Dans to the Goal line.  Rinse and repeat for two more sets per team swapping out the SquatsLunges for Monkey Humpers Lunges and Mountain Climbers Lunges.

Next both teams lined up single file at the goal line for plank hurdles down the field. 1st pax runs to 10 yrd and planks, 2nd pax sprints and hurdles pax 1 and planks at 20 yrd.  Continued this progression to opposite end zone. Planked for the six and repeated progression back to original end zone.

All the while there was a certain mumble chatter about my weinke and YHC was inwardly surprised a bit that I hadnt needed to look at it.  Low and behold, it had fallen out of my pocket and YHC was blissfully unaware…perhaps getting a few more Q’s under my belt is helping!

Next up was modified Sleeping Hillbilly routine which started with left-hand Sleeping Hill Billy x15, followed by left-hand Nolan Ryans x15 (tougher than YHC imagined). Roll to back for LBC’s x15. Roll to right-hand for Sleeping Hill Billy / Nolan Ryan x15 ea…then finish up with roll into plank for Plank Jacks x 15.

PAX then circled up for Pickle Pounders (similar to Law Dogs J-Lo’s but up/down vs. side to side) and a full round of Guantanamo. All pax in starting flutter kick position with legs at 90 degrees. First PAX jumps up and runs around circle pulling down each PAX feet, then returns to starting position. Next PAX jumps up and runs the circle. All PAX got to run and all abs were screaming by the end!

TIme check…6:09, time to head back. Split the mosey up by stopping at the bus stop benches for some Russian Dips. YHC called for 20 rubicon count but there were a few go-getters who did Kodiak count (good work men!). Next round was 25 rubicon count and then headed to the flag.  All gazelles were let loose to run free!!


With a few minutes left, YHC invoked the PAX to assist with Mary. We finished up with Freddy Mercuries, T-Bone Specials (??), American Hammers, and a couple more YHC has seem to forgot (but distincly remember the PAX took no mercy on the already spent abs).


Prayers for Voo Doo’s 2.0 Aeronautics team who are traveling to London to compete!

Preacher was our 6th man today. Good to hear his back story…very impressive. Thanks for your years of military service and spiritual ministry!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Charity to provide school supplies for kids is wrapping up 7/21. To donate  check out

Preacher’s church is hosting a back to school bash at St. Aidans Episcopal church in Milton on 8/3.

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