DATE: 07/31/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Manning, Harding, Ricky Bobby, Hooch, Glow Plug, AC, Homeboy, Satellite, Cuban, Chitwood

Total # of PAX: 10



According to the Smithsonian, “Male Cheetahs live in small groups called Coalitions that usually consist of brothers.”

A Flash Flood alert from a fellow PAX at 4:47am, but we have been at this too long to forget that the Weather is only an invitation.  To add to that, the brisket was already warm and had been promised to all those who braved to Run with the Cheetahs.



Mosey around the back of the building, through the bus lanes and ended at the Cheetah’s Flag Pole out front.  (What’s a Cheetah without her pole anyway?)

SSH – 25 IC

Weed Picker – 12 IC

Sun Gods OYO

Michael Phelps OYO (HB needed a reminder on form to get a good slap)

Mosey to the Bus Lane for The Thang


After planning to repeat Pulte’s VQ from December with the deck o pain, Hasbro snatched it up for his VQ 10 days earlier, so this had to be restructured, which brings us to the Dice of Life.

Each PAX is to take turns rolling the Dice.

The number rolled corresponds with an exercise. Rolling all three dice determines reps.

Hoping to get the new blood some experience in calling out reps, each PAX takes their turn calling out their exercise.

After Floppy’s Run Forest Run pyramid at the Kokiak on Monday, the QIC stacked the odds with Sprints on the highest probable rolls.


2 – Run a Lap

3 – Flutter Kicks

4 – Sprint to end of Bus Lane

5 – Merkins

6 – Sprint

7 – Mountain Climbers

8 – Sprint

9 – Squats

10 – Shoulder Taps

11 – BBS

12 – Run a Lap


After running 5 consecutive Sprints in the first round, an audible was called and the PAX switched to the backup list for round 2.

2 – Sprint

3 – Shoulder Taps

4 – Mountain Climbers

5 – Dips

6 – Flutter Kicks

7 – American Hammer

8 – Jump Squats

9 – BBS

10 – Merkins

11 – Sprint

12 – Run a Lap

Round 3 the Pax was to role and given the choice to pick from either list.

Times up!

Mosey Back to the flag, take a quick stop at the welcome sign by the Cheetah Pole for a quick picture of the Coalition.



Prayers for RB friends and his recent diagnosis with Neuropathy.  Prayers for all families as they adjust back into school tomorrow.

Reminder to “Choose today, whom we will serve” and to be transparent with each other.  Being transparent brings us closer together and really shows the Love Jesus has for us and what His Grace is all about.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Homeboy gave a great testimony of how God has worked in his life and restored things to a point he didn’t expect.

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