DATE: 06/25/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Honky Tonk, Beater, RickyBobby, Fleetwood, Marky Mark, Faux Hawk, High Tops, Westside, Trojan Man, Centerfold, Old Yeller, Nomad, Tiny Tat, Garfield, Fuzzy, Wild Thang, DrumStick, Barney (FNG), EarMuffs (FNG), Posh (FNG), Pulte

Total # of PAX: 21

QIC: Pulte


As Homeboy was so quick to point out, this was indeed my
first Q since my VQ in January at The Kodiak.
I became a bit of a Cotter there for a stretch.  But, as Manning is my favorite (sorry
Homeboy, nothing but love for you…just a little more for Manning!) it only
seemed appropriate to step back into the game at The Clinic. I took this
opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.
I typically gravitate toward running and cardio and shy away from the
more “0.0” style beat downs.  However,
for my illustrious return to the Q I chose to leave my area of comfort.  Our beat down today would find us staying well
inside the friendly confines of the Woodstock Amphitheater.  So, without further pontification, LETS GET IT


YHC started the mosey at EXACTLY 5:30.  Little did the Pax know they were in for a
long trot…about 50 feet.

–       – 15 Side Straddle Hops

–      –  15 Weed Pickers

–     –   Sun Gods (forward and backward)


The first step in todayS beat down was to number off
1-5.  One of the tasks  would be
to stay together in your close knit, little group.  The intent behind this was to foster teamwork
as some Pax would need to slow down their pace and others would, hopefully,
feel the push to speed up their pace to stay together.
Each of the stations were to be started and finished together as a

The Stations – All distances were approximately 40-45 yards
in length.  Each station was a task that
involved moving forward and as such each of the listed station’s tasks were to
be completed en-route to the next station.

Our end goal was to
complete 3 full cycles of all stations…

1 – Burpee Broad Jumps – Standard burpee, with a broad jump
instead of a vertical jump…repeat…repeat…repeat…until making it to station 2.

2 – Bear Crawl to station 3.

3 – Inch worms – Begin standing, bend and walk hands out to
a Merkin position, complete 1 Merkin and walk feet in to meet the hands…repeat…repeat…repeat…until
making to station 4.

4 – Low crawl (Elbows and toes) – Crawl on elbows and toes…no
belly dragging here! Until making it to station 5.  THIS STATION RESULTED IN, AS GARFIELD PUT IT, “RUG BURNED ELBOWS”

5 – Stairs – 1st rotation – Touch every step

rotation – 2 steps up…1 step back

rotation – Just climb the dang steps

Due to time constraints…definitely not fatigue…YHC called
the ball at 6:10.  We had finished a
little over 2 ½ rotations.

 Pax circled back up at the flag for a few minutes of Mary.

Flutter kicks, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Box Cutters


We had 3 FNGs this morning!
Welcome Barney (from Cartersville, home of the PURPLE Hurricanes>>>Barney
a big PURPLE dinosaur), EarMuffs (works in sound production), and Posh (plays
soccer>>>Beckham (way too nice)>>>Beckham’s
wife>>>Posh Spice).

Continued prayers for DoSiDo and he works to recover from
his back injury.

Prayers for Smurfette with the new baby.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

M and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this last weekend, and by
celebrated I mean, cleaned out the garage, cut the grass, dealt with a sick 9
month old, a 5 year old who just can’t seem to go a day without running into
something, falling off something, or breaking something, and an 8 year old who
has emotions like a roller coaster.  Boys,
this is what life, REAL LIFE is all about and I wouldn’t change a thing.  11 years ago, at my wedding, I never could
have imagined where we be right now and DEFINITELY not how we got here.  God is up to something in all of us.  So often we have no clue what it is and how
in the world He is going to work our circumstances out.  However, from me, someone who has had some
really high highs and some REALLY low lows, He’s got this…He’s got you, your M,
your kids, your family.  Thank ya’ll for
being a constant source of encouragement (I think that’s you call all the constant ribbing and picking?)

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  1. Great Q Pulte! Thanks for being awesome bro!

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