A bunch of people carried coolers for over 15 miles. To say any of us expected that would be a lie. Good on you guys. You’ve shown up every month and it’s paying off.

This month we’ve upped the ante and doubled up the patches available. So for the Callout this month there are 200 patches up for grabs. Come one, come all. We’re giving these away like they’re going out of style.

The real question is, what’s the challenge? Well we leaned on an oldie but a goodie for this one. It’s simply a Heavy Ruck. The furthest miles get the patches this month, so push yourself. Every Ruck must weigh 45 lbs dry. That means no food and no water. Selection weight as far as you want to take it.

This is gonna hurt. Just because there’s 200 patches don’t get lazy. We are still going to see big miles, especially from those clubs training for their Star Course. So dig deep and try to set a high score. Have fun guys, ping us with questions. Details below.

  • No minimum distance

  • 45 lbs dry. No food or water when you weigh your ruck

  • You have to ruck with at least one other person.

  • Everyone must be in the group picture where we can see and count them in order to be eligible. Share on social media and use #RUCKCLUBCALLOUT and tag @goruck

  • Screencap of distance covered with some sort of date/time stamp

  • We will send out patches at the end of the month.


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