DATE: 08/09/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: HomeBoy, Fleetwood, Spock, Preacher, Woody, Tebow, Molson, Wild Thing, Dosido, Primo, Wheeling Dealing, Titlemax, A/C, Happy Little Tree (Really..?!!), Bobsled, Glow Plug, Hillary, Beater, Garfield, Westside, Wigham, Légionnaire.

Total # of PAX: 22

QIC: Légionnaire


In a bold attempt at furthering the Paragon’s Esprit de Corp YHC engaged the PAX in a team-building exercise by having a healthy little competition.


20 Weedpickers, 20 SSH, 20 Hill-Billies, Sun Gods. Slow mosey to Dean Rusk.


The PAX was split into 2 teams via an arcane and overly complicated random process.

Each team was asked to come up with a Team Captain whom in turn selected a Team sweeper.

The teams then raced around the main Dean Rusk building. The caveat was that the whole team had to cross the finish line, not just the front gazelles.

After each loop, the winning team would inflict 30 repetitions of the exercise of their choice to the losing team (i.e. 30 Burpees) and select a presumably milder exercise (30 Squats) for their own consumption. Each exercise would then be retired from possible selection to avoid the obvious abuse.

Of course, that failed miserably as the last time YHC attempted it at THL, for after 2 loops the winning team went softy on YHC and decided to SHARE the pain with the same exercise as the losing team… Socialists…!!! Fine..! Let’s all be equals, hold hands and sing kumbaya…

Oh but wait! This is a Team Building exercise… Nicely done fellows.

While the first loops were very stretchy and wide gaps opened between the pax members, the teams quickly learned to put their gazelles in the back and let the sweepers lead the pack.

In the end, to tighten things up the last loop had to be completed with each pax holding another pax member of their team as a long polymer chain. The last winning team instinctively did the right thing and went back as a group to pick up the six and it is a giant ball of F3 brothers that finally crossed the finish line.


Prayers for Molson’s dad for his triple by-pass.

Challenge to all PAX to keep trying other AO’s as we try to defeat DRTF at Paragon, The Kodiak, THL & The Clinic.

CSAUP: Spartan Sprint race coming up to Atlanta in October. Cheap and close by = “No Excuse”

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