DATE: 07/10/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Kiffin, Ricky Bobby, Manning, Hooch, Mr. Miyagi, Cuban, Spanx

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Thrasher


This was my VQ, and I arrived a few later than I wanted with me being the Q. When I got there I was a bit worried about the flag still. I had gotten no response about it, but was assured RB would have it. Watching the PAX pour in I got a little more worried, and when the clock struck 5:30… time to go. No flag it seemed. Early morning run to home depot for an extra shovel and flag anyone?


To get us started we moseyed down to the entrance side from New Light, running in the dark alleyway to some mumble chatter about the extreme gloom of the path. Not to be deterred we continued to the end, and circled up for some:
15 SSH
10 Sea Cows / Manatees
10 Twisted Merkins


After the warm up, and trying to keep the counting from being too loud with the house nearby, we did an Indian run around to the front of the building and back to the end of the bus lanes. About this time we picked up RB who had arrived just after the start, posted the flag, and tried in vain to find us before we got to him. (sorry we had run down the pitch black path).

At the bus lane we lined up to do some Lt. Dan’s from one end of the building to the other. This was pretty long, and we all lamented the shortness of our legs compared to Kiffin who seemed to fly down the path with each lunge stride. Halfway down we waited for the six, and the to the end of the playground. YHC was accused several times of moving the goal post, of which I am guilty. Needed to extend that lunge and squat burn a bit.

Next on the docket we needed to make a trip to the field for some base running/crawling. Start at “home plate” and do some more ratio exercises. This time some Bearpee crawls. (1 burpee:4 bear crawl strides, 2:8, 3:12…). We did this to 1st base, then sprint to 2nd, Bearpee crawls to 3rd, and sprint home. YHC  definitely underestimated the distance on these bases. Might have started some inching forward with each burpee to cut some inches on the distance.

After this it was time to run to the flag and do a final ratio exercise. YHC had to bring back out the Captain Thor for everyone’s enjoyment. (1 BBS:4 American hammers). We did this until we got to 6 BBS, then had some mary.

MORE American Hammers , Boxcutters, LBCs

With a minute left to go we did a sprint to the last light pole and back.


Romans 12:12 words shared and being joyful in our hope, knowing that in the end we know who has the victory. Let’s all be a light to those around us. Prayers for Mr. Miyagi’s fam as they deal with a family members melanoma treatments.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Our 6th man today was Kiffin. He got the chance to share his story, and the influence we as men can have on others, especially with so many who do not have male role models otherwise. Men, be the influence you should be, you never know when you are helping along someone who needs it.

Glad to have Kiffin with us, he is a gazelle, and a lot of us were a bit jealous of the stride lengths he has too.. finishing those lunges quick must be nice. Good to have Mr. Miyagi out with us. Hopefully no FNGs who might be incoming judge us too harshly on our counting. We all seemed to have trouble with numbers this morning whether it be in doing a 10 count rest, or keeping track of the ratios.

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