DATE: 06/20/2018

WHERE: The Playground

THE PAX: Chitwood, Title IX, Hasbro, Dory, Toto, Chief Wiggum, Mickey, The Mole

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: The Mole


Last week Dosido was signed up to Q The Playground.  But he wasn’t sure if his back was okay so YHC wrote up a workout as a back-up plan in case Dosido couldn’t (or shouldn’t) make it.  Well, Dosido decided he was okay and showed up to Q.  That left YHC with a decent workout planned but not yet executed.  Seemed like a good time to bring it out for this week….


Mosey to the playground area for some

SSH IC (x20)
Windmill IC (x15)
Imperial Walkers IC (x20)
Sun Gods OYO


Since YHC is involved in the Pull-up Challenge it seemed appropriate to write some into the beatdown (so that YHC can get them over with early in the day).

10 Pull-ups
10 BBS
x 3 rounds

Now on to the…..

Conveyor Belt

Overhead Press with concrete block
Jumping Lunges
Curls with 25lb dumbbells
Goblet Squat with concrete block
Kettle Swings with 30lb kettlebell
Star Jumps
American Hammers
Shoulder Taps

50 seconds exercise / 10 seconds rest
x 3 rounds

Finished last round exactly at 6:15.  Well played QIC.


Prayers for Dosido’s back after it went out yesterday at Paragon.
Prayers for The Mole’s high school boys small group at The Walk in PCB this week (without him).  This is the first camp/retreat The Mole has missed in 10+ years of student ministry and he is sad that he can’t get away from work to be with his boys.  But the El Salvador trip is only a couple weeks away and he is excited about that.

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