DATE: 06/13/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Banjo, Voodoo, Aquaman, Bloodhound, Lawdog, Harp, Swisher, Legionnaire

Total # of PAX: 9

QIC: Misty (in lieu of Natty Light)


The anticipation was high due to Natty Light finally
committing to his VQ after more than a year in the making. And to top it off he
was rumored to be bringing forth some German Kungfu madness to boot. Sensing
something brewing YHC texted him the day before to make sure he was all set and
that’s when doubt started to creep in. And when the doorbell rang that evening
I knew who it was and what would come next. Natty Light tried to justify why he
was backing out of his scheduled VQ and somehow managed to dig himself into a
deeper hole when explaining that hanging out with a friend and downing a keg
and a half took away from him finalizing his plan. Oh yeah, there was also something
about his M needing to get to work, but I wasn’t falling for that. Much to
Homeboy’s dismay it wasn’t deemed FUBAR worthy by the group, but that doesn’t
mean we can’t let him have it when he shows his face at the next beatdown. It
being my Q day at the Kodiak I put together something on the fly and instead of
some international flair I decided to offer some kind of version of America’s
favorite past time. PLAY BALL!


Mosey 10 yards or so and start off with 10 SSH IC, 10 weed pickers IC, 10 imperial walkers IC


Moseyed over to the baseball diamond set up in the front parking lot and divided into two teams. Voodoo, Harp, Banjo and Lawdog were first up to bat while the rest of us hit the field. First batter up spun the wheel and depending on the result everyone performed the following:

Single – offense 10 merkins / defense 10 crunchy frogs

Double – offense 20 carolina dry docks / defense 20 LBCs

Triple – offense 30 plank jacks / defense 30 flutter kicks

Home Run – everyone take a lap around the perimeter of the front parking lot

Out – everyone does a burpee for the number out it was

Batter would sprint to their base and would only advance if forced around.

After Voodoo went yard for his 4th or 5th time we modified the lap to just sprinting around all the bases. When it was all said and done we logged 2.5 miles and the visiting team crushed the home team 22 to 3. We had the bases loaded at one point and I was hoping to share with them what would happen for a Grand Slam, but alas it wasn’t meant to be this day. With a few minutes left we moseyed back to the flag for merkin and crunchy frog ring of fire and ended right on time.


Prayers to those traveling, Alcoa in Romania representing F3 with some beatdowns on international soil, Babyface at the beach doing his own workouts and everyone else out there hitting the road, sky and/or seas. Appreciation for another day and all the guys that showed up to push each other and themselves to become better.


Amicalola remote beatdown this Saturday, DM Legionnaire for details

CSAUP event on 6/23 at Etowah park, Flippin 5K. Can register in advance or at the event.

Swisher hosting a 2nd F event at his house with Ms and 2.0s on 7/13. Check the F3 Cherokee site for details.

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