DATE: 07/21/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Babyface, Westside, Smurfette, Ricky Bobby, Lawdog, FNG (Motley Crue), Cricket, Fleetwood, C4, Alcoa, Kiffin, Banjo, Manning, Matchstick, Dory, The Mole

Total # of PAX: 16

QIC: The Mole


When the alarm went off this morning at 5:45 YHC thought the beatdown was not gonna happen.  Lightning strikes were making the bedroom feel like a dance party with strobe lights.  One moment the room went dark.  The next lightning strike showed the silhouette of a person standing over YHC.  Luckily it was YHC’s 2.0 that woke up due to the storm and not an ax murderer like in the movies (though the moment did frighten YHC a little).

As 0630 approached the radar maps started looking favorable.  With the Twitterverse blowing up the phone it was only prudent to actually head to THL before making a decision.  When YHC arrived there were many cars already on site and more pouring in the parking lot.  Looks like the weather doesn’t hold F3Cherokee down.  With the bad weather seemingly out of the way, here’s what transpired…


Mosey to football field

Weed Picker IC
Imperial Walker IC


With over $2,000 raised for the back to school Third F (sponsored by Ricky Bobby), four men held true to their word and performed BURPEES for the remainder of the beatdown.  Cricket managed 500 burpees by 0800.  Ricky Bobby and Babyface got in 400+.  Lawdog (whose idea this was in the first place) got in 300-something.

Kudos to these men for stepping up on the burpee challenge based on the PAX efforts to financially cover the back-to-school push by Ricky Bobby.  Good work all around that our Cherokee PAX can raise that kind of money in such a short time for such a great cause.  YHC prays that each young student who receives these back-to-school supplies knows that there are men in the community who care about them and are cheering for them.

The other 12 of us in the PAX stepped up to the goal line for a Quarter Pounder:
Sprint to 25 yard line – 25 merkins – run backwards back to goal line
Sprint to 50 yard line – 50 squats – run backwards back to goal line
Sprint to 75 yard line – 75 mountain climbers (single count) – run backwards back to goal line
Sprint to far goal line – 100 SSH –  run backwards back to goal line
Plank for the six

“Indian Plank Weave”
PAX holds plank 2 yards apart.  The last guy at the goal line runs through PAX facing same direction throughout run.  (So run forwards between first two guys, then backards through next two guys, forwards, backwards…)
This went all the way to the far goal line.

After this we were still hungry for another Quarter Pounder (see above for description)

Since the PAX was now on the far goal line, there must be a way to get back to the original goal line… Why not Plank our way back down there.  This time while the PAX holds elbow plank, the last guy jumps over each member of the PAX to the front of the line “Indian Run” style.

Since the PAX felt the burpee boys were getting lonely we went over to their corner of the football field to start The Cooper

10 BBS – 10 Squat Jumps – 10 Merkins – Run a lap around the field
9 BBS – 9 Squat Jumps – 9 Merkins – Run a lap
8 – 8 – 8 – run a lap
and so on and so forth…
Banjo led the PAX getting down to 2-2-2 before time came to a crashing halt (or was that one of the burpee boys crashing to the ground in exhaustion)

Nonetheless, back to the flag!


FNG shared about himself.  Still searching for something good to pounce on, Babyface asked FNG what he liked to do for fun.  FNG answered, “GIRLS”…  Wow!  He then tried to clarify that he was talking about parenting two daughters and he was referring to their busy schedules, but it was too late.  Henceforth FNG will be known as “Motley Crue”.

The Mole expressed immense gratitude to F3 for supporting the trip to El Salvador last week.  It was truly a great trip.  The co-leader that was sick is back from El Salvador and had the perfect doctor there for her needs.  The Mole is so grateful for the support and encouragement of F3 in pouring out to the young men and women on the trip and the orphanage there in El Salvador.

YHC prayed for the recipients of the back-to-school supplies that each of them would know that they are known and cared for.  YHC asked our Heavenly Father to speak to each of their hearts and show them (maybe through F3 or any other great organization that is supporting this back-to-school endeavor) that their Heavenly Father knows them and loves them.  That He cares about them.  This is something every heart yearns to know and it is our prayer for these young people starting a new school year.

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