DATE: 06/08/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Misty, Legionairre (respect), Fudd, Nomad, Quagmire, Dandy (I think I saw him in the distance)

Total # of PAX: 7

QIC: Wham-O

(A little personal privilege) After a good time this morning in the gloom, I was saddened to see that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. I have always enjoyed reading and listening to Bourdain, but the thing that always struck me about him is that he was genuinely interested in people, asked them questions, and listened to their answers. He would travel all over the world and find the most difficult, hard-to-reach places, and eat food offered to him out of street carts, people’s homes, and in the finest restaurants known. And he always talked to the people. He learned their stories, and communicated them to the world. How often do we post, stand in the COT, and only think about what we have to say or what we have to do the rest of the day? I shared a few days ago that I try to run each decision through a “will this make me the best version of me?” filter. And, I think part of my spearhead goal is to listen more deeply to others, like Anthony Bourdain did. We are never so important, and our lives are never so busy, that we cannot listen to someone to whom we have not taken the time to listen. So while we sometimes stand on our soapboxes to share our struggles and accomplishments, lets not forget to listen to others’ as well. I think we will discover something great.


15 SSH

10 Weed Pickers

10 Windmills

15 Imperial Walkers

Sun Gods and Michael Phelps


Mosey over to the edge of the top parking lot for some BLIMPS-B Route 66. The name of the game was speed on this one. Starting at the first light pole 10 Burpees, then 20 Lunges, 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 Merkins, 50 Plank Jacks, 60 Squats, and finish it off with 10 more Burpees. Air chair (no arms on legs) for the 6.

We are now in the car pool lane, so we will slow it down for round 2. Same idea, but slower, harder, and with better form. Lunge walk between No Parking signs, and do an exercise at each sign. Start with 5 Bodybuilders, lunge walk, 10 leg throws, 15 Imperial Squawkers, 20 Minchkins, 25 Peter Parkers, 30 Stargazer Squats, finish with 5 Bodybuilders (or 10 if you are Quagmire).

Mosey over to the bus parking lot, grab a partner and a coupon. Partner count DORA with 50 Squat Thrusters, 100 Upright Rows, and 150 Shoulder Presses. Partner does a Lieutenant Dan over to the island and jogs back, keeping their own cadence.

Indian Run over to the Playground. Find a spot on the bench. 10 Pistol Squats per leg, 10 Bulgarian split squats per leg. Circle up and do some skater squats AMRAP until 6:14 and 10 seconds. Mosey to the flag.


Misty shared and encouraged every one in attendance to sign up for the spear head challenge. YHC once again offered to help resource and suggest any reading material for Bible study or leadership books. This is my world, so happy to help. While it was a good workout, the real joy were the friendships we made along the way (looking at you Nomad.)

Prayer-we out fam.

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