DATE: 07/03/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Ricky Bobby, Hooch, Papa John, Kiffin

Total # of PAX: 4

QIC: Kiffin


Maybe it was not my best idea to give out 3 separate warnings yesterday to bring gloves on the WC.  4 PAX still braved those warnings, but all did come prepared.  Secretly, and to my M, I wondered if I could do this workout or would I have to call an audible.  Time would tell.  Let’s Mosey.


We circled up in front of the school, at our regular spot for warm-ups.

  • 16 SSH
  • 16 Hillbillys
  • Sun Gods OYO
  • Michael Phelps OYO

Must get arms and shoulders ready

Let’s Mosey


We get to the back of the Jeep to pickup 2 bricks each.  These will be held at all times (unless the exercise dictates setting them down).  We hold them even through the COT.

Mosey to the side of the Parking Lot

Partner up (Lucky there was an even number) for Brick Barrel Suicides.  Wheel barrels where the person on the ground has bricks in their hands, while partner hold their legs (only time of the day that the bricks where not in our hands).  Go to the first light and back.  Then to the next light and back.  Then to the end of the parking lot and back.  Switch partners as needed with person on the ground always using the bricks.  (I was instantly reminded that my traps were still a bit sore from the Sat ruck).

Good job, all completed the suicides time to take a breather.  By breather I mean a lap around the school (bricks in hand of course).

Next up is the Twin Tower of Trust.  PAX line up and face each other with Bricks held straight out in front of them forming a tunnel (sorta).  With only 4 we spaced out a bit.  One by one each PAX would then Cheetah crawl (bricks in hand) through the “tunnel” and when not crawling hold the bricks straight out.  We went though 3 rounds and those bricks were starting to feel like cinder blocks.

Time to take another breather.  And again by breather I mean a lap around the school (bricks still in hand).

Back from our lap let’s circle up and combine bricks with my new favorite exercise Bat Wings.  4 count to 5 while holding our bricks of Sun Gods forward, Sun Gods backwards, Seal Claps, and Overhead claps.  All without putting our arms down (Man those bricks made a great sound slamming together during claps).  Wow, that was tough so let’s rinse and repeat.

No time for another breather so we immediately line up for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Bricks).  We do not have a football field so we picked 4 spots(last 2 were the same spot) to run to each getting longer.  First stop was 25 Merkins, and back then next stop 50 Floyd Mayweathers (25 each arm), back, next stop 75 squats, back, next stop 100 Mountain climbers.  At this point I am sure you know that bricks where is hands at all times.

Less than 5 min left so time for another breather…. lap around the school

Circle up for a quick Mary of Crab Cakes w/ Brick.  Was only able to get in 5 before time ended.


Circled up four count and Name-O-Rama (Bricks still in hands).

Then YHC talked about the fact that in our culture men take on these small burdens and carry them on their own.  Not so bad in the beginning, at least we think.  They seem small at first but weigh us down, hinder us and make life less than what it should be.  They seemed too small to ask for help or the pray about them.  We need to learn to release these burdens to God and let our brothers help us during the tough times. (Time to set down the bricks).

We this discussed prayer needs.  Hooch’s sick child, Papa John’s brother and RB shared the burdens he had been carrying over the last few months.

You guys are all my brothers and I will help in any way I can… just ask.

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