DATE: 07/18/2018

WHERE: The Playground

THE PAX: Floppy, The Mole, Vault, Chitwood, Alcoa, Dory

Total # of PAX: 6

QIC: Dory


As YHC prepared this beatdown, it occured to me that this group doesnt move around a lot due to the 0.0 style of beatdown.  YHC decided there must be a way to change this without “breaking” breaking the rules. Read on to see what went down!

Started with SSH right out of the gate…even to the surprise of some PAX…who were fully expecting at least a 0.1 run.  Not one to disappoint, we then did a little run to stretching things out a bit.  Back to the circle for Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Sun Gods.


The Thang started off with a Route 66…but rather than run, we walked the entire way.  Stopping at each light post and/or cement median to perform an exercise.  Each PAX adopted a cinder block coupon which became their boom box (think Cusak in the movie Say Anything) which they held overhead the entire time when not performing an exercise.  The exercises were as follows:

– Colt 45 Lower  x15

– Front Row x 15

– Colt 45 Upper x 15

– Skull Crusher x 15

– Colt 45 full curl x 15

Reps were modified as the Route 66 advanced as arms / shoulders started to scream!

Next up was Bears & Blocks where all PAX lined up and bear crawled from one sign to the next (approx 15 yards). Each PAX started with the coupon between their knees / ankles and dragged it to in front of their head, bear crawled up to it and dragged it some more.  Routine completed with a crawl up and back to original starting point.

Then we let the coupons play by themselves for a few minutes while PAX circled up for some American Hammers and Bobby Hurlies. Note, YHC must learn to count cadence better for Bobby Hurlies!

All PAX retrieved their coupon and headed to the wall for some Wonder Bras / Rock a Bye Babies. PAX lined up on wall in People’s Chair position with coupon at chest.  Wonder Bra commenced in 4 count cadence with 1) UP, 2) DOWN, 3) Extend FWD, 4) BACK to starting position. YHC quickly realized these coupons were a bit heavy so limited reps to 5.  Slight modification for Rock A Bye Babies on next set with 1) UP, 2) DOWN, 3) Twist Left/Right, 4) back to starting position…again 5 reps.

PAX circled up for alternating merkins with one hand on coupon. 10 merkins with each hand on coupon. Next exercise was Jump Over Burpee…start with burpee, jump over coupon, perform burpee, jump back over coupon x10.

Each PAX then bear hugged their coupon for Bring Sally Up.  Legs were a burnin’ at the end without a doubt!

Returned all coupons to appropriate vehicle and circled up for 6MOM.

– Box Cutters

– Reverse Alternating Crab Touch (ask Chit for proper name)

– Merkins

– A couple more I cant recall


Prayers for Chit’s cousin recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Prayers for Floppy’s friend whose been battling melanoma cancer for a couple months now.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

RB school supplies drive underway…Law Dog’s 30 min burpee challenge to reach $1000 goal by 7/21


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