DATE: 06/27/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Garfield, Kiffin, Wham-O, Drumstick, Fuzzy, Berman, Spaceballs, Nomad, Fohawk, Huckleberry, Earmuffs, Barney, Tiny Tat, Centerfold, Turbin, Beater, Hooch, FNG (Chapstick)

Total # of PAX: 19

QIC: Westside


As YHC arrived, there were already several eager PAX waiting for the beatdown. As the hour drew closer we had PAX come from every direction and landed on a solid 19 which included 1 FNG.


A short mosey from the shovel flag to the grassy area in front of the amphitheater where we formed a rather large circle. A quick hit on the disclaimer, then:

SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Sun Gods – OYO (Frontwards and Backwards)
Michael Phelps – OYO


Keeping the PAX in a circle, YHC joined in and we all assumed the plank position. Holding plank, each PAX would take a lap around the circle back to their original position and then the next PAX would begin. YHC underestimated the size of a 19 PAX circle our arms were already burning after this exercise.

Once completed, the PAX lined up on the sidewalk and faced the shovel flag. All PAX lied down on their stomachs and on the command ‘exercise’ they would sprint to the next sidewalk roughly 50 meters away and perform 10x Merkins. After completion, the PAX would walk back to the start. This was repeated for a total of 5 iterations. After the 5th iteration it was time to start the hard stuff.

The PAX chose a partner and lined up on the sidewalk facing the amphitheater to perform partner B.O.M.B.S. One twist, the partner not performing the exercise would run towards the stadium, scale the stadium wall, touch the wooden wall at the back of the stage, and then run back to their partner by either jumping or slowly coming off the stadium wall. The counts for the B.O.M.B.S were as follows:

Burpees – 50
Overhead Clap – 100
Merkins – 150
Big Boy Situps – 200
Squats – 250

Scaling that wall became increasingly difficult. I had a hard time believing it hadn’t been used before. Definitely something I plan on using again. The official total Merkin count was 200, but it felt like a hell of a lot more after that plank ring of fire and scaling that wall countless times.

The PAX that finished led Mary with the 4 minutes we had left. Spaceballs finished out the morning with some Crunchy Frogs and then we slow moseyed back to the flag for the COT.



Named the new FNG. Info is as follows:

Sam Frist, 31, Chapstick

Chapstick was brought out by Wham-O and is an inspiration to say the least. He was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and said he would still participate in F3 even during his chemo treatment. Prayers for his treatment and that he makes a full recovery after the surgery. Also, prayers for Homeboy and family on their Lighthouse trip, supporting the families that are in the fight of their lives.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Chapstick was named because he works for Burt’s Bees (thank you Wham-O for that additional insight). I was getting a little concerned when he was introducing himself and said that he played at Kent State with Edelman (Manning would have had a full chub by that point)

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