DATE: 07/16/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Bloodhound, Lawdog, Paulie, TitleMax, Yogi, Alcoa, Bumblebee (Fng)

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Babyface



Last Friday, YHC had the itch to go to the casino.  Now the last time I went, I’m not too proud to say that I left with my pockets a little lighter than when I entered.  So, because I don’t particularly like losing money, but I do like to sweat a little, I decided to bring the casino to me.  My game is craps. It’s just more exciting to me, and a lot more fun, so let’s grabs some fun time cubes and have a blast.


Run down to the where the casino is set up and before we get plating we were we cashed in our hard earn money for some chips to play within the form of:


Weed Pickers

Imperial Walkers


Come Out Roll of a player:

7/11: Number rolled LBC.

2/3/12: Craps – Number rolled Burpees run a lap & pass the dice

4/5/6/8/9/10: Point has been rolled.  That is the number of whatever exercise you roll from here on out.


Point is on:

If you roll a 7/11 – That many Squat Jumps, then run a lap, pass the Dice

2 – Happy Jacks

3 – Hand release Merkins

4 – Imperial Walkers

5 – Pop Jacks

6 – Merkins

8 – Monkey Humpers

9 – Lunges (Kodiak)

10 – Mountain Climbers

12 – Big boy Sit-ups

Hard 4: Imperial Squakers (Kodiak)

Hard 6: Mike Tyson’s

Hard 8: Monkey Hoppers

Hard 10: Makhtar N’Diayes

Hard 12: American Hammers (Kodiak)


The shooter will continue until he rolls the point.  Once the point is rolled, do the prescribed exercises, run a lap and pass the dice (I realize that is not how true Craps are played but start doing exercises and see what the Pit Boss has to say to you.  None of this is real Craps, and YHC doesn’t really give a crap.)

After everyone had a shot at being the shooter, we mixed it up a bit.  Dropped the running, because, nobody really got on a heater, first let one shooter throw it out there.  It landed on a 6 so we ran down the line of all the exercises doing 6 reps of each (Kodiak when appropriate).  Then to finish up everyone had a turn of throwing the dice and did the number of reps rolled for the exercise rolled.

We finished up for just enough time to for a little Lawdog lead Dolly then circled up.




Prayers for Alcoa’s daughter who is having a little dental trouble


Praise for TitleMax’s brother being able to make it back home

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great job by the FNG, Bumblebee, today.  Modified as needed and moving the whole time great job.


TitleMax was our 6th man today, it was good to hear is past yet again.

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