DATE: 08/17/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Ma Bell, Alcoa, Harp, Legionairre, Yogi, Wham-O, Banana Boat, Lively, Misty

Total # of PAX: 10

QIC: Aquaman


After announcing last week I would be doing a gender reveal beatdown, the pax was expecting a gender reveal, so I tried to sneak it in(that’s what he said)


Did some preventative/post stretching from reaction to Iron PAX

Copperhead squats

weed pickers

various stretches to prevent any pulls


Mumble chatting with Legionaiire at the Kodiak led to the idea for this workout.

Partner up add ages together and this was number of reps each.

1. Squats

2. Pull ups for Legionaiire plank jacks for the pax


3. Star jumps

4. The flutter kicks

5. Imperial walkers


6. American hammers


7. Outlaws

8. Big boy sit ups

9. Yul Brenner 6 different kind of Merkins and finished with a run to determine fantasy football draft order


You might be wondering where the gender reveal was????

It was right in front of everyone the whole time. I underlined first letter of every exercise and scrambled them to form a phrase.

two letters 3 letters 1 letter and three letters.

Misty was on top of his game and figured it out first


Lots going on with F3 Cherokee Check out the awesome website

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Misty was 6 man. Always forget he’s from Newman. He originally thought of the Walking Dead and is in the process of suing the producers of the show.

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