DATE: 08/16/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Garfield, Molson, Preacher, Dosido, Tebow, Swisher, Hombre, Yogi, Cuban, Premo, Backseat Boy, Harding, AC, Hillary, Fleetwood, Wiggum, Goldberg

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Manning


After night two of my M sawing logs – forcing me to make a 2am basement escape….combined with every muscle in my body screaming in agony after yesterday’s Iron Pax full body destruction mission…I wasn’t exactly clear of mind this morning. Nonetheless, I grabbed the ball of hate (BoH), and headed out into the gloom…

Garfield coming in hot after sweeping the six from DR…and we were off.


Semi-long mosey up the stairs with Fleetwood whining that he “misses the short moseys…” Wah wah, just be thankful Dandy isn’t here, and quit yer moaning and groaning. Little did he know how much we were going to be running today haha.

Circle up for a mini Q-school warm up with guest appearances by Preacher (awesome cadence) and Tebow (let’s not discuss that cadence…) Mooooving on…


Nifty little jog around the corner and line up behind Dosido for a Zamparini Indian run. I thought we’d finally get a break from Legionnaire’s hooting and hollering…but some knucklehead did it anyway. Argh. Also, everyone decided to make this an Indian sprint, so um ok, be careful what lies ahead…

Continue down the long hill, incorporating the BoH for a little fun along the way. Line up for an expertly explained karaoke run/sprint to the bus lanes for some…

…your favorite, and mine: BRO frogs!! Pick a bro, and frog your way down to the end of the bus lanes. Stay with your partner and circle around the detention pond, and circle back to pick up the six. Whoever got Hillary fired up with the “do this for Monica” comment deserves a hug. That was pretty special!

The BoH was tossed and kicked around for a while and the choice was yours. Do what it says + a lap, or do what it says x3. I was surprised how many chose to do the extra running. I guess everyone really liked their bro today! Swisher randomly was given the opportunity to roll the BoH or do 100 LBC’s. He chose LBC’s and after 25, and three massive farts by a trio of gassy pax, I realized why: the LBC position is the best for expelling massive farts. I think team Swisher had peacock for dinner last night…sheesh bro…

Let’s wrap up this portion of the show and mosey over to the giant grassy knoll for some…I’m kidding!! I kid, because I care. Hello? Is this thing on? Anyhoo, line up with your bro at the bottom of the giant stairs and race each other up and down. Garfield turned on his cop-evading jets from back in the day and crushed me over and over again. I think we did this 4 times.

Ok enough of these shenanigans – let’s blow this clambake and get back to the flag for some Hombre-led box cutters, and Yogi-led American Hammers…because Rocky beat the Russian! USA USA USA!!!




Some great words or prayer and praise today:

Molson’s father in law (maybe) going in for triple-bypass surgery this morning

Premo going to to Colorado this weekend to see is bro (literally) for a high altitude Spartan event

Cuban’s sister for successfully completing 34 months of chemo! And celebrating with a well-deserved vacation!

Preacher announced a 20,000 sandwich making challenge over at St. Aidans church in Milton. Details to follow. Awesome 3rdF opp here boys! (Smurfette? Hello? Do you do F3 anymore, bro? Hello?)

Hillary for completing his 6th workout, and dropping 5#’s. YES and YES!!

Premo and his church are putting on the Hickory Flat-out (great name) event. With a 2.0 course.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Molson/Garfield sweat challenge today did not disappoint! Molson had that look. You know that look. It’s the look that Tom Brady has in the third quarter of the Super Bowl when trailing 28-3. Yep, that look. We all knew what was coming. As hard as Garfield tried to match his awesomeness, he just looked down at him with equal parts joy and disgust…as he wrung out both armpits and then dropped the mic. You sir, are gross. And awesome!

Manning, out!

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