DATE: 08/01/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Swisher, Slim Shady, Iceman, Aquaman, Woody, Paulie, Naty Lite, Dixie Chick, Babyface, Alcoa, Tebow, Hombre, Legionnaire, Titlemax, Misty, Banana Boat, Floppy, Quagmire, Vault, C4, Homeboy, COYS, Banjo.

Total # of PAX: 23

QIC: Banjo


Looking at the forecast I prepared for rain.  Arrived this morning to a lite mist that stopped by the time I got out of the truck. Decided to try a routine I have not done yet.  Burpees are not as easy to do in cadence as I thought.  As always, honored to Q this Pax.


Mosey to behind the school for 15 Gorilla humpers, 15 double squat jumps and 15 weed pickers.


Millennial.  10 exercises, 100 reps of each exercise adding up to 1000 total reps.  The lexicon calls this Millennial due to the starting year of the Millennials birth. it states that the reps should add up to 2000.  either I am not good at math or misunderstand how it is written but I don’t see how it adds up to 2000.   If anyone can figure that out, let me know. The pax starts with the first exercise.  Once any member of the pax reaches 100 reps, everyone runs a lap.  Air chair for the 6.  Everyone moves on to the next exercise. The last set of 100 is Burpees done in cadence and everyone completes 100 burpees. Burpees was broken down into sets of 10 led by the ones that reached 100 reps in each exercise.

10 exercises and after each exercise run a lap.

100- SSH- Run a Lap

100 Lunges, 50 each leg- Run a lap

100 Merkins- run a lap

100 LBCs- run a lap

100 Mtn. Climbers- run a lap

100 Flutter Kicks- run a lap

100 Air Press- Run a lap

100 Squats- run a lap
100- Dolly-Run a lap

100- burpees- .Burpees broken down into 10 sets of 10 led by, Homeboy, Hombre, Floppy, Misty, 2 sets by C4, 2 sets by COYS, 2 sets by Banjo. last set of 10 burpess completed when all pax back at the flag

finish up with James bond, then hold air char


Prayers for-

Garfield and his wife.  Baby due anytime now.

Teachers, students and bus drivers.

the people of California struggling through wild fires.

Kiffin and his mother.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

6th man- Naty Lite reintroduced himself.  brought to F3 by C4.  Glad to hear your story brother.

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