DATE: 08/11/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Fleetwood, Yogi, Misty, Slim Shady, Kiffin, Frenchy, Garfield, Manning, Smurfette, C4, FNG, Tic Tac, Legionnaire, Buford T.

Total # of PAX: 15

QIC: VooDoo


Start the mild morning with a focus on lower body and core and then work our way up to the upper body and cardio.


Mosey with cariocas left and right.  Circle up and conduct 20 SSH, 15 Windmills, 10 Weed Pickers, Sun Gods OYO.

Mosey to hill side by playground


Partner up.  1 Pax lunges up the hill while Pax 2 does LBCs (AMRAP).  At the top of the hill, Pax 1 does 10 burpees and then bear crawls backwards down the hill.  Then Pax 2 lunges up hill while PAx 1 does LBCs(AMRAP).  At top of hill, Pax 2 does 10 burpees.  Continue alternating as each Pax does 9, 8, 7,…1 burpees.   Audible in the middle to change LBCs to supermans.  Wait for six.

Mosey to playground area.  Pax 1 put feet on bench for decline Merkins (AMRAP) while Pax 2 ran around the playground area.  Pax 2 does merkins (AMRAP) and Pax 1 runs.  Pax 1 does dips on the bench (AMRAP), Pax 2 runs.  Pax 2 does dips (AMRAP) while Pax 1 runs around playground area. Pax 1 does bench lunge while Pax 2 runs around playground area.  Pax 2 does bench lunge while Pax 1 runs.  Pax 1 crab crawls 25 yds out and back while Pax 2 runs.  Pax 2 crab crawls  25 yds out and back while Pax 1 runs.   Pax 1 Duck walks 25 yds out and back while Pax 2 runs.  Pax 2 Duck walks and Pax 1 runs.  Partners wheelbarrow 25 yds and return back with Ollie Norths, then run together.  On return, change positions for Wheelbarrow and Ollie Norths.   Finally, partners Squat 20 reps and run complete pathway around playground and finish up at flags.    Final distance = 2.11 miles


The 6 man:  Frenchy – from London, ran marathons in his younger days; loves comraderie with F3 and pushing himself to stay in shape.

FNG:  Pelosi – Works with C4; has 2 boys (10 and 9); dog named Guiness.

Prayers:   Kid making threats to himself and father resulting in police interaction.  Pray for the mental well being of children and the challenges they face.   Pelosi’s mom battling cancer; Garfield’s son born last week; Nomad’s job search.  VooDoo’s brother job search.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pelosi as the FNG.  Way to Geaux!  Continue pushing yourself and others to be better.

Congrats to Garfield and his family’s new edition.

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  1. I had a great time, can’t wait to come back! Thanks for the for the warm welcome VooDoo.
    I was hoping to come again this morning but unfortunately I was unable to get out of bed without assistance from my 10 year old.

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