DATE: 07/19/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Westside, Wild Thing, Fuzzy, Floppy, Fleetwood, Dandy, Cuban, Prem-o, Beater, Nomad, Yogi, Woody, Manning, Titlemax and welcome FNG Meltdown

Total # of PAX: 16

QIC: Garfield


YHC snuck onto the Paragon grounds a little early to post some signs to 8 light poles in the elementary school parking lot. For Dandy’s sake, I also scouted out a nice loop to run into between sets. With recon completed and downing some more black Spice coffee,  shovel flag got planted and away we went. (sweating already at this point).


Quick mosey trying to keep up with Dandy to the elementary school bus lanes. Circle up and saddle up for:

15 SSH

10 Windmills (for Manning)

10 Imperial Walkers

Mosey the lap I scouted so everyone can see the loop to run in between sets.


There were 8 light poles with a sign taped to each one. Each sign had an exercise, amount of reps to do, and a mode of travel that we would take the next light pole. We would complete all 8 light pole exercises, and then run the loop to come back and start again at the first pole. The exercises on each pole were:

50 deep squats – bear crawl to next pole

75 plankjacks – crab walk to next pole

10 lunges each leg – backwards run to next pole

20 merkins – backwards run to next pole

40 LBCs – crab walk to next pole

75 mountain climbers – bear crawl to next pole

100 SSH – bear crawl to next pole

10 burpees

Then run loop and enjoy plank/mary until 6 is in.

Rinse and repeat one more time, but altering the modes of travel to each pole to jogging on this one. Complete the 8 poles, run loop, and head back to flag for Mary-go-round.  Assorted Mary was enjoyed until 6:15.


6th man today was Fleetwood. He received his name based on the brand of camper/RV he was in when he first smooched his M. (That was not how I would have guessed he got that name!) Fleetwood told us about his family and four kids, the oldest about to start college and youngest starting middle school. Fleetwood said he wanted to change his routine in 2018 and started F3 to start challenging him to wake up early. He has also been able to cut his blood pressure meds in half due to getting out in the gloom and has seen huge drops in his blood pressure (in a good way, since he had previously had high blood pressure). T-Claps to you, Fleetwood!

We also reiterated praise to God for taking care of the lady on The Mole’s mission trip that feel ill and made it back home safely, while finally finding a doctor (in El Saldvador while on the mission trip, of all places) that figured out what the issue was.

Manning and Prem-o expressed the importance of giving affirmations of love to our M’s and spending time with them. Prem-o talked about how his M was diligently praying for solid counselors/employees and the Lord answered with Yogi’s daughter (if I understood that correctly).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG Meltdown named after the Chernobyl incident, since he played football at UGA was his number was 86 (and the year he was born). Westside knew that meltdown happened in 1986, thus, Meltdown was born.

Fleetwood co- VQ with Nomad on Tuesday at the Paragon. Dandy to take over Q spot for Nomad in August while he is away.

Garf … out!

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