DATE: 07/02/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Yogi, Alcoa, & Lawdog

Total # of PAX: 6

QIC: Babyface



As YHC was plotting out what was to come this morning, I did a quick mental inventory of what hurt from Saturday night.  Traps-check, Legs-check, ankles-check, chest and abs-not so much, let’s start there.


Did the usual suspects of IC SSH, Weed Pickers, and Imperial Walkers


Now to the picnic tables.  The first group of exercises was dips IC with a pause at the bottom for an unspecified and random amount of time during the 5th rep before continuing to 10.  To break up the sets of dips we did a set of Bulgarian split squats (one leg on the bench) with one leg IC to 10 with again a pause at the bottom of rep 5.  Rinse and repeat the dips and squats (other leg with the squats this go around). Finish with the 3rd round of dips and 30 OYO leg raises on the bench. Someone with a thick accent loudly asked if this was a 0.0 workout, which if it was we would have clearly given it another name because we name the workouts not the locations, so YHC decided to throw in a little running with the next exercises.

At the top of the hill by the concession stand, we started our 11’s with 10 Mike Tyson’s and then ran down the serpentine path to the bleachers for 1 Derkin before running up the stairs to the concession stand to start the next round.


Now that the 0.0 talk was concluded YHC decided it was time to compete.  The first competition was balls to the walls, and I made sure that everyone understood it paid to win.  Bloodhound kept himself erect the longest so he chose what the group would do as punishment. Because he is bloodhound and a little evil he chose 10 Burpees.  Next Plank. It came down to YHC & Legionnaire when Yogi called an audible that we had to lock eyes with our opponent, first to divert lost, after only a few moments, I chose Big Boy Sit-ups for the group, 50.  Last competition was the wall sit. It took awhile, but finally Legionnaire work down Yogi and was the last man standing. He chose 50 C Flutter Kicks called by Bloodhound. And just like I planned right at 50 we ran back to the flag and ended right at 6:15.


Bloodhound was our 6th man of the day and gave us a nice little trip down memory lane as for how he came to be Bloodhound


Praise for Lawdog’s 92-year-old Grandmother.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Great Job today by Alcoa, way to keep pushing.
  • Cobain’s to Yogi for accidentally calling him Bloodhound during the workout.  Oxygen was in short supply and though my praise of him was meaningful, saying the wrong name made me a jerk, I apologize.  
  • Don’t forget the IndepenDANCE Party on Wednesday at Sequoyah Park, 7 am
  • Swisher 2nd F On Friday, July 13th.

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