DATE: 06/29/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Barney, Spanx, C4, Legionnaire, Westside, Alcoa, Cricket, Hooch, Nomad, Manning, Aquaman, Quagmire, Hasbro, Hombre

Total # of PAX: 15

QIC: Misty


It was a Misty morning and YHC was surprised to see the number of people that had showed up as I returned to the flag after setting up some props for the beatdown. It’s what I had imagined in launching a Friday beatdown equidistance between Kodiak and Paragon with good numbers and a nice mix from both AOs coming together at…the Crossroads. With the suspense building as to what the music selection was going to bring this fine morning the clock struck 5:30 so we hit play and began to mosey to the bus loading zone.


With the PAX on board with the strong intro song choice we circled it up for

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 windmills IC (without the drama that I heard some may have experienced at a recent beatdown)
  • 10 hillbillies IC


Asked the PAX to partner up for a game of tag (Catch me if you can style). Partner A runs backward while Partner B performs 5 star jumps. When complete they run to tag their partner and then they switch. Did this for 3 full laps around the parking lot.

We were feeling pretty good by this point so it was time for the next game. Bringing back an oldie, but a goodie, next up was Steal the Coupon (Steal the Bacon). With a rock and two cones at the mid-point the PAX split up and paced out to either end of the parking lot and counted off on each side. With everyone in plank position when YHC called out a random number 1-7, the two PAX that had that number sprinted to the cones, performed 5 burpees and tried to grab the coupon and sprint back to their side before being tagged. Whoever made it back to their side with the coupon without being tagged or whoever tagged the person with the coupon before they made it back got to choose an exercise and number of reps for everyone to perform. The Q likes to keep the group on their toes, so I called the number 4 a second time, but I may or may not have forgotten to get everyone an opportunity to go by missing a number. After everyone (except possibly the number 6s) got a chance to go we brought everyone back together again to explain the next game.

Next up was PAX…PAX…HIM! (a la duck…duck…goose). The PAX would perform AMRAP exercises while one person walked the circle to choose the HIM. They would then both run a lap around the closest two light posts and back to the group while everyone else continued their reps (and cheered them on). First one back chooses the exercise for everyone to perform next. Went around the circle giving everyone a chance to choose the HIM, but alas time ran out before everyone could go and we had to mosey back to flag, unable to complete the other two games that I still had in mind. Looks like I’ll save those for later.


Thanked everyone for coming out and pushing each other to become better men physically, mentally and spiritually. Prayers for Barney’s M as she goes through a procedure next week. Also, praying for Smurfette and his family for their loss. Protection for those traveling this weekend and the next week and also for being with everyone else as they go about their days.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lots of pre-chatter about the music, but I didn’t hear too many complaints once things got going.

Westside was having trouble following instructions and gave it all he got for the first lap of tag. He also ended up losing his first round of steal the coupon due to grabbing the cone instead of the coupon. Lucky for him he got a chance to atone for his mistake when his number was called a second time.

After some questions as to the rules of picking the same person every time for PAX…PAX…HIM I was worried I was in for a lot of running, but instead it turns out that everyone went after Cricket instead.

Check out the website, join the Facebook group, sign up for the Sawnee, Frogtown and Blairsville races, attend the 2nd F event at Swisher’s place on 7/13, come out for the Saturday beatdown at the Hurt Locker and stay for the 2.0 workout afterward with C4’s 2.0 leading the group.

It’s been a pleasure Q’ing Kodiak and the Crossroads for the 2nd quarter. Hopefully, you all didn’t get sick of my lame attempts at creativity. Everyone have a fun, safe 4th of July holiday! Misty out!

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