DATE: 07/05/2018

WHERE: Stoneclad

THE PAX: Hombre, Good Hands, Manning, LawDog, Pauly, Kiffin, Hooch, Homeboy, Cricket

Total # of PAX: 10

QIC: Ricky Bobby


After a long 4th and VERY little rest, YHC rolled into the parking lot to find Homeboy asking the question,  “Is this where we meet?”  Obviously he had never been there before. HA.  PAX started to roll in and already we we sweating.  It was very humid and warming up quickly.  Every single man than got out of their vehicle today complained about how this morning sucked and none of us wanted to be there.  But, we did.  We fought the fight and we came out not only for ourselves to get stronger but for the guy standing next to us.  We NEED each other. YHC was nervous about leading a 0.0 workout as he loves to run, had to ask the question, since this is a 0.0 workout can we even mosey.  Was approved and so we mosey’d.

I would like to start by pointing out that during the beginning of this workout, chatter was already low.  PAX decided that tunes were needed.  Unfortunately, Homeboy volunteered to bring his car over.  So he left the workout, drove over, proceeded to stall, ‘trying to get music to play’.  Then didn’t know how to operate his own car to run off only battery.  Not to mention the song selection was well…..dull.  I fully expected homeless puppies to come out of the woods when Sarah McLachlan started playing.  Hey, it helped the mumble chatter increase.


We kicked things off warming up with the following:

SSH IC x 20
Weed Pickers IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 17
Michael Phelps OYO
Sun Gods both directions OYO



YHC pulls cards from the deck until all of the deck is used.  The suit on the card is what determines the exercise and the number on the card determines the count.

Jacks = 11
Queens = 12
Kings = 13
Aces = 15

Jokers = Lunge Walk (This deck was special and had 4 jokers)
Spades = Squat Jumps
Clubs = American Hammers
Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Diamond Merkins

PAX made it through all the cards with a few minutes to spare.   Very short mosey over to some Yogi Bear picnic tables and benches for some seated dips.  Pax did 5 sets of 15 with 5 secs rest in between.  Some PAX state they could not hear the last set begin. YHC believes that to be part of getting old and losing hearing.


Discussed the successful IndepenDANCE party and Cherokee Region launch.

Comz is crazy important and discussed the differences in social media and their abilities to reach certain people.  For example; do not use lexicon terms on Facebook.  Try and keep those in the Twittersphere.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Manning was our # 6 today at the Stoneclad.  Shared with the PAX how he and his wife changed lifestyle and location quickly moving to Atlanta.  Was asked the question what drives him.  Manning shared a personal story of his father and how he is driven by the ambition to be healthier than his father was.

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