DATE: 06/18/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Babyface, Legionnaire, Lawdog, Banjo, Aquaman, Bloodhound, Yogi, Misty

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Bloodhound


Happy Post Fathers day. Here is wishing all you dad’s out there had a great Fathers day with your families. It’s been a while since I have Q’s a weekday as I am usually putting the “Hurt” in the Hurtlocker on Saturdays but I think I was able to cram it into a 45 minute beat down and thus kept the mumble chatter to a minimum. I was fairly confident of that due to the lack of comments by Mr. Nant’an himself.


Mosey to the back of the truck to pickup a sand baby then to the grass area behind the latrine. In cadence:

10 SSH

Weed pickers

Sun god’d



Sand baby workout:

Line up on the sidewalk

Drop for a Burpee picking up your sandbaby then trowing it as far as you can to you front then doing another Burpee, rinse and repeat until you have done 5 Burpees.

With sandbaby on your shoulders lunge walk back to the start

15 Rubicon flutter kicks with your sandbaby held aloft

Pickup your sandbaby and take a lap around the big circle to finish with a 60 second rest

Rinse and repeat, we did this 7 times, did I mention this was AMRAP? thankfully time ran out



Please step up and sign up to  Q for the 2.0 workouts this Summer. Babyface planned and has been Q’ing since the beginning and we need others to step up as well, 30 minutes, surely you can hang out an Q these future Titans of F3. I’m not sure how you feel about your 2.0 lugging sandbaby’s around the playground but I’m sure I could come up with something. Be sure to pass on announcements to the different AO’s as you go about your week. Keep your Pax informed and let them know the is live and they can see whats going on there.

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