DATE: 07/18/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: High Tops, Beater, Mouth to Mouth, Good Hands, Garfield, Westside, O’doyle, Fuzzy, Wild Thing, Marky Mark, FNG (Gomer), Suave, Faux Hawk, Downy, Nomad

Total # of PAX: 16

QIC: Bloodhound


Nice morning with a FNG in tow from our neighborhood who is getting ready to go into the Marine Corp. I don’t see enough of our F3 Clinic brothers at the Kodiak or Hurt Locker so I thought I would bring a little of it to them.


10 SSH

10 Merkins

10 Weed Pickers



We picked up out little sand babies and
moseyed to the bottom of the stairs for some Partner BLIMPS

Partner A picks up their sand baby and
runs up and down the staircase.

Partner B conducts their BLIMP exercise
until relieved by Partner A.

We did this until everyone made 5 climbs
up the stairs.

Pounder with Cheese

We did a set of ¼ pounders with cheese,
dragging our sand babies to the:

Opposite sidewalk to do 25 Merkins

Opposite sidewalk to do 50 Mountain Climbers

Opposite sidewalk to do 75 Plank Jack’s

Opposite sidewalk to do 100 SSH

We had a few minutes for a little Burpback Mt.

Partner 1 does a backward Bear Crawl up the hill while Partner 2 does Burpee’s for a few rotations

Finished up with a quick mosey to the flags by way of the stairs


Welcome Josiah AKA Gomer. He is headed to Marine Corp boot camp in December.

Be sure to go to and look at the 2nd F opportunities coming up.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

You know it’s going to be a good beatdown when the mumble chatter stops 5 minutes into the workout.

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