DATE: 06/19/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Ricky Bobby,Garfield, Chitwood,Kiffin, Manning,Title 9,Thrasher, Papa John

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Papa John


8 pax showed up for a good ole sweat party!! It was muggie and and the sweat was dripping!!


Mossed over to the school flags!

SSH 10  count

Weed picker 11 count

Hillbillys 10

Son gods OYO


Now that the sweat was was on we tried our hands at 21!

1 Merkin then run half the lot and do 20 BBS. Continue till you flip the numbers! 20 Merkins- 1 BBS. Called a audible a little over half way because of time!

Next up was The Fire Drill! Pax got in a circle then while running in place each pax’s called out fire one at a time. When fire was called out you hit the ground rolled right one Merkin then rolled left one Merkin get up run in place. 8 fire drills was called!

Moseyed over to the side of the building!  5 air squats-5 donkey kicks  after last kick hold for 5 seconds. Counted by 5’s til 20 count. After our legs was dead. I called for Balls to the wall for a 20 count!

Bus Stops! 10 count at each stop 1) Merkin 2)BBS 3) Plank Jacks 4) Burpees. In this order 1-2-1-3-2-1-4-3-2-1.  Rinse and repeat with a 5 count at each stop.

Moseyed back to the flag for a little Mary go around! Box cutters- American hammers-LBC- Peter Pipers- sure I’m missing something.





Growth of F3 in Cherokee County- Leading by example as Father’s-Smurfette’s growing family-

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