DATE: 07/04/2018

WHERE: Stoneclad

THE PAX: Quagmire, Dory, Hombre(Respect), C4, Ricky Bobby, Mickey, TitleMax, Manning, Swisher Sweet, Babyface, Cricket, Bloodhound (Respect), Banjo, The Mole, The Fridge, Pulte, Woody, Homeboy, Tiny Tat, Aquaman, Barney, Shingles (FNG), Wham-O, Baker, Paulie (FNG), Alcoa, Kiffin, Cousteau (Respect), Legionnaire (Respect), Chapstick, Garfield, Katniss, Spanx, Matchstick, Sauvé (FNG), Thrasher, Voodoo, Mash, Crack, Yogi, Tea Party (FNG), Coach, Cuban (Respect War Daddy), Law Dog, and Hasbro the Drone

Total # of PAX: 45

QIC: Law Dog


Today was a day that will be marked in the history of Cherokee County when the men of Cherokee County said no to Sadclown Syndrome and rose up to fight the good fight and give it away. 44 Pax came to sign the declaration and get better. Here’s what went down with the 45 Pax which must represent the 45 Presidents to lead this Great Country.


Mosey to the upper lot for 13 of SSH, IW, WP, HB. 13 in honor of the 13 colonies that declared independence 242 years ago that brought Freedom to this great land.


Every Revolution needs to drop some BOMBS and this one was no different. Partner up and choose one of the two hill to conquer. Short and Steep or Long and gradual. You know what it included, burpees, overhead claps, merkins, big boy sit-ups, squats.

Mosey to the Bloodhounds truck to grab a sandbaby on our way to the field. Partner up for a 4 corner 4th of July slugfest. One partner does 19 rows while the other runs the next 3 corners performing 4 burpees at each corner. Zamperini with the sandbaby while waiting on the partner to make the 4 corner trek. Total of 4 times through for set of partners. 4 x 19 += 76 in honor of 1776.

Just enough time for a little fun because this is a party. Crack, Babyface, Homeboy, Kiffin, YHC and for some reason Manning were it for a game of freeze tag. If a Pax is tagged back to the line of sandbabies and perform 10 squats with the sandbaby to get back into the game.

A little time left to finish with LBCs and American Hammer. 18 IC for each which equals 56 in honor of the 56 patriots who followed the call of Freedom and signed the Declaration of Independence creating this great country.


  • Prayers for F3 to reach the entire county.
  • The Mole is going on his mission trip to El Salvador with the teenage group he mentors.
  • Thank you to all the military and first responders who work to keep this country free and protected.
  • Today’s sixth man was Mickey. Great to learn more about him.
  • YHC spoke about the need to shield lock with other men in our community. The First shield lock is the accountability F3 provides for the first F of Fitness. As a man gets in shape, he begins the process of getting right. He steps of as a leader in his family and community. I don’t know why F3’s first F is so effective at turning the man into a HIM, but I am grateful that it does. Once a man gets right, he begins to shield lock with other men in all areas of his life which is where the greatest impact on the community starts. Knowing that there are men in your life you can rely on during all the peaks and valley this big blue ball has to offer provides a strong defense allowing for a great offense. You cannot wait to shield lock. You have to make intentional and deliberate commitments to your fellow men. It is not something you do because its convenient.  Let’s look for ways to Give It Away and impact Cherokee County by locking shields.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Today’s playlist was brought to you by The Mole. YHC had mentioned that Legionnaire would probably oblige with a playlist, but The Mole was insistent that he would handle it.
  • Thanks to Hasbro, for filming with his drone. YHC is sure that he was not intentionally going KamaKaze but just trying to get a great shot of YHC running with grace and determination.
  • 4 FNGs took the daily red pill and decided to get better. Welcome Shingles. He is a roofer. Welcome Paulie. He is from NJ. Welcome Tea Party. What else can a Boston man named on the 4th of July. And Welcome Suave. His son is named Rico.
  • Lots a mumble chatter about how the daylight rely makes the Pax look better, but the sunshine sucks.
  • Thanks to Crack for volunteering to be the sole representative the entire delegation from the Alpha to post at our 4th of July Convergence Party. He was one of the original to post on that fateful day when the Alpha was born. Glad to have at least one of our brothers make the trek to support our launch. Maybe the invitation got lost on Twitter, email and the alpha website. Maybe the Pax had other 4th of July plans. Next time I guess.
  • Garfield was really excited to finally meet the myth and legend Crack. There has never been a more clear Bromance amongst the F3 Pax since Manning and Homeboy first held hands in the gloom. Garfield has already special ordered one of the infamous Crack Tanks.

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  1. Bro. This is awesome.

  2. Apologies to the Pax for bailing early. I had to run home and get the fam out the door for the mornin’ parade. Got some great video of the beatdown. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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