DATE: 06/16/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Nomad, Woody, Bloodhound, Manning, Banjo, The Mule – Kotter (Welcome Back!), Kiffin, Garfield, Cheesehead, Quagmire, Yogi, Spanx, Cricket, Mickey, and Misty

Total # of PAX: 16

QIC: Homeboy


The Hurt Locker was hot today boys. Everybody worked hard. YHC almost splashed merlot at the end. What else can I say about the beatdown? Not much because the beatdown doesn’t really mean a lot anyways. By the way, I am speaking from my heart this morning so I am not going to keep saying “your humble correspondent.”

I started F3 a little over a year ago. Over the past year I am in better shape than I have ever been during my forty years on this planet. I am eating better and more active than ever before. All these things are great (and I am beyond thankful), however I can be in the best physical shape of my life and still be broken. A man must move from focusing on himself and start looking outward. So here is the question: if you are not serving other people and living for something bigger than you, is being physically fit really important in the grand scheme of life? I am learning each day the answer to this question for me, is a solid no.

The real things that have changed over the past year after joining F3 are the relationships I’ve built and how much my faith in Christ has grown. As many of you know, I have lived in the Macedonia community for 32 years. I literally grew up behind Veterans Park. Although I know a ton of people, unfortunately the lion share of my relationships in this community (over the past 32 years) have been on the surface level at best. Just one year after being a part of the F3, I am more connected to our community than ever before. The friends I’ve made through F3 are some of the best men I have ever met.

Most importantly, F3 has had a profound impact on my faith. Because of F3, several members of the PAX and myself meet every Friday at the barn for a men’s bible study. We have busted balls, shed tears, laughed, and everything in between. Friday mornings feed my soul and draw more closer to Jesus. Without F3, I would not be meeting with men at 5:30AM in the morning to drink truck-stop coffee and talk about the bible. One last thing in my life that has changed since F3 is my willingness and desire to serve our community. Over the past year, we have raised money for several families in need, worked at a lady’s house who lost her husband to suicide, had a workday at a men’s rehab center, and helped install Christmas lights for “Lights of Hope.” This is just the beginning because my heart wants more. I heard someone once say, “once you taste purpose, you have a hard time ever going back to your life before.”

I am forever grateful that God has given us F3 as a catalyst and platform to use in our own respective lives and our communities.

So, I end with this. It is awesome to get in great shape, but we can’t let that be our end game. I want to challenge myself and each man of F3 Cherokee to move toward the 2nd and 3rd F with everything you got. The 2nd and 3rd F is where the action is at.


Mosey around the small loop

SSH x 12 – IC

Elbow Touches x 10 – IC

Sun Gods

Weed Pickers x 10 – IC


Mosey to the football field

Split up in teams of 4 to do Plank Hurdles. 4 man team starts on goal line. 1st man sprints to the 20 yard and goes into plank. 2nd man sprints and hurdles 1st man in plank, then sprints another 20 yards. Rinse and repeat through entire team down the entire field and back.

Super 21 – 1 Merkin, 1 BBS, 1 Squat each set. Each set add 1. Work all the way up to 21 reps of each exercise – total of 321 reps of each exercise.  We took a few breaks between the sets. Here is what we did at the breaks: sprints, monkey humpers, SSH, and mountain climbers.

DID – 10 Derkins / 10 Incline Merkins / 10 Dips x 3 sets

Red Barchetta – Sprint 100 yards – knock out 100 SSH, sprint back 100 yards. Sprint 75 yards – knock out 75 mountain climbers, sprint back 75 yards. Sprint 50 yards – knock out LBC’s, sprint back 50 yards. Sprint 25 yards and knock out 25 merkins. Sprint back.

Mosey back to the flag


Manning gave us an excellent reminder that we must always put our faith and family before F3. Garfield chimed in and agreed that F3 is awesome but we can’t let it come before our family. I have to be careful with this one boys. I have found that even the best, most wholesome things in life can become an idol in my life.

Mickey gave us some strong words on the importance of being sure our M’s and 2.0’s know how much we love them. Life is so fragile. Focus on spending time with your family. Plan a date nights with the M, set aside time to put the kids to bed, pray together as a family and don’t spend too much time on Twitter. Be present and don’t take life for granted. The days are long, but the years are short.

Yesterday, I attended the memorial service of Vicki Dukes. Our family has served with Danny and his beautiful wife Vicki at Lighthouse Family Retreats. Read her story in the link below. Vicki literally touched 1000’s of people during her life. Vicki’s life is the true definition of a life well lived. Please keep the Dukes family in your prayers.


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