DATE: 08/14/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Spanx, Kiffin, RB, Chitwood, Harding, Glow Plug, Wheelin’-N-Deelin’, AC, Thrasher, Good Hands, Westside, Wiggum, Fault Line, Vault, Drone, Papa John

Total # of PAX: 16

QIC: Spanx

YHC definitely woke up this morning very nervous about impressing the pax since last time YHC Q’ed it really wasn’t the prettiest thing and it was especially made know by RB’s picky and sarcastic remarks. SO! all that to say, today began with much anticipation and the attack of a mega moth which we all thought was a bat but that will be left for another day…



Weed pickers

Deep lunge holds



(Repeat 5X increasing by 10 each time)

Monkey humpers 


10 Squats 

Run back down




Partner up:

10 Bropees 

Wheel barrel half way then 10 bropees 

Run down

(Repeat 2X)


Partner up:

100 jumping lunges

75 jump squats 

50 walk out push

25 burpees

Partner will run up and down stairs


10 tiger pushups

10 spiderman pushups


This is when I knew, I had done good in RB’s head…


Wheelin’-N-Dealin’ had the honor of being the sixth man and blessed us with his words about himself. A total pleasure to have him around if I do say so myself. Praying for Good Hand’s mother in law as she goes in for treatment.

YHC talked about making sure every day we make it a point to fight for Joy in our lives because with the culture climate rising and hostility around us, it is very easy to lose hope so we should make it a primary goal to fight for joy in our lives as well as in our families.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

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