DATE: 07/23/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Yogi, Whiz, Bumblebee, Bloodhound, Homeboy, Babyface, Wham-O

Total # of PAX: 7

QIC: Wham-O


7 Strapping men arrived in the gloom to strap-in for a wham-o ride around the Hurt Locker. I said strap-IN, get your head out of the gutter. YHC decided he would try something a little different to mix it up, and while celebrating national hammock day yesterday it hit him, straps.


12 SSH

12 Weed Pickers

12 Windmills

Sun Gods

Listen to Homeboy extol the virtues of yet another AO. 


Grab a partner and a strap. There are small light poles situated around the sidewalk with the small field. At each pole the PAX would each do strap rows and Merkins. We started at 5. There would be more. In between, one PAX loops the strap on their chest and sprints to the next pole with their partner dragging behind giving as much resistance as the sprinter needs. YHC ran out of gas around 16, but with the help of fellow PAX we made it to 20 each. Thats 200 total of each.

Then mosey to the playground for some conveyor belts, conveyor straps I mean. Staying with your partner, complete the exercises AMRAP with the runners setting the time. Runners run one loop while the rest of the group did Wooly Worms (plank on a swing and crunch your knees to your chest with legs suspended), box jumps, and Y-ups (full crouch, pull up with straps until arms are completely outstretched).

We made it through 2 rounds, back to the flag, finished out with 30 seconds of flutter kicks.


Our sixth man today was Whiz, from Philly. Gave a good testimony of the impact F3 has had on his life with the discipline and the fellowship. It woke him up to his own Sad Clown Syndrome, and his whole life is accelerating now. 

Prayers for YHC in the traveling and the transition to Hampton. The Spearhead challenge has kept me dedicated, but the mental toll is heavy. Appreciate the prayers.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Straps are awesome, and my shoulders hurt.

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