DATE: 08/06/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Beater, Hooch, High Tops, SpaceBalls, Westside, Roscoe, Fauxhawk, Suave, Gut Check, Poulty, Joe Dirt, Festiva, AC, Palin, Fleetwood, Matchstick, Marky Mark, Stopwatch, Band Camp, Mouth to Mouth, Barney, TinyTat, LawDog, Headhunter, Wild Thing, O’doyle, Mandles, FNG (Snowflake), FNG (Ash)

Total # of PAX: 30

QIC: Hombre


Hero:  a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.  Batman & Robin, Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, the HULK…. etc.  Who is your hero – who inspires you because of what they accomplished or the way they live(d) or the way they died?


Mosey around the outer area of the arena ending up on a crowded stage for the performance of HAPPY JACKS, WEED PICKERS and MICHAEL PHELPS.


DYNAMIC DUO: on stage with your partner each perform 3 rounds of 10 partner rows and 20 merkins.  Plank it up when done.

BATMAN & ROBIN: moving down to the grassy arena on the far sidewalk facing stage one partner performs 10 burpees and airchairs while the other partner runs to the stage, jumps up onto the stage then touches the wall and returns down the side stairs to relieve his partner.   Complete 3 times.

CAPTAIN AMERICA CARRIES:  from sidewalk to sidewalk – carry your partner down and he carries you back.  Complete 3 times total.

CAPTAIN AMERICA BARROWS:  from sidewalk to sidewalk wheel barrow with your partner – at the halfway point switch it out.  Complete 3 journeys from sidewalk to sidewalk.

HULK LEAPS:  We moved up to the left area of the amphitheater for the next segment….  while your partner completes as many rounds as possible of 10 merkins and 20 squats, other partner box jumps up the 6 grades of the left seating area and returns to partner to relieve.  Complete 3 journeys up the wall seating area.

With time still left on the clock we then proceeded to complete the following:

  1. Spider-Man Low Crawls from sidewalk to sidewalk
  2. Crawl-Bear back to the original sidewalk
  3. Divided up into 4 groups and ran wind sprints for 3 rounds
  4. Finished up in the circle for IRON MAN CROSSes and last but not least we squeezed in J-LOs.

Various Mary’s were completed for the 6.  10 count DR. BANNERs to catch the breath…. My apologies for running over by a minute, but wanted to give everything you came to get.


With 30 guys showing up for the beat-down, there are lots of things happening in the area.  Keep your eye on the web site for new options opening up.  Remember to keep EHing bringing guys into our community.  Service project posted last Saturday at a disabled vet.  5 guys and a 2.0 were present to help the disabled vet with some house repairs.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

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