DATE: 06/28/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Manning, Spanx, Nomad, Garfield, Threaher, Dory, FNG-Einhorn, Fleetwood, Quagmire, Primo, Cuban, Kiffin

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Spaceballs-


Another day, another beatdown.  As I’ve run a few of these things lately,  I was running out of fresh ideas so I decided to look at the F3 Nation Exicon.  This thing is full of ideas if you can translate them from description to actual understanding.  That said, I found a few things I’ve never done and said why not?


From the flag we moseyed around the parking lot and circled up.  As we had an FNG (Dory’s brother) the usual CYA spiel was delivered and we started out.  15 SSH, Abe Vagodas(slow sun gods), Weed Pickers, Finkle swings, and Imperial walkers.  Then a Mosey over to the elementary school parking lot to circle up.


Todays workout had 3 basic ingredients and when served wet, made a great entree:

A pinch of Howling Monkeys.  The Pax circled up for monkey jumpers.  1 PAX ran around the circle and did 10 merkins. The next PAX followed suit and so on.  Mumble chatter started really fast here.  Exicon suggested 2 times through, but I think that would resulted in 13 men crying on the ground.


Next, add a scoop of Gunners.  10 american Hammers, 10 explosive jumps, and a “sprint” to the next light pole.  Rinse and repeat 9 more times.  We came through this one just fine and ready to add the last ingredient.

1 LB of Doracides.  The plan was to use the benches and poles at the elementary school drop off lane.  The problem was that the poles are in a nice brick surround, so it was just benches.  Partner up for a Dora with one PAX doing a suicide.  The other started on 100 bench rows (think partner rows lying under a bench, forearms on top of the bench and using the shoulders and back to pull yourself off the ground as high as possible), 200 dips, and 300 step ups(150 per leg).

Mix this whole thing together, throw in a bit of lightening(far away and far between) and serve up with a nice occasional drizzle and 4 out of 5 PAX recommend it to start your day.


Dory led us in a prayer

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Cuban had some great words today( i’ll paraphrase): Fourth day in a row.  Especially some of you young guys, you can do it!

Welcome Dory’s brother- Einhorn!  Hope the bug gets you like it has Dory.

The 6th man today was Garfield.  Great story of redemption and such a positive attitude.  Thank you for sharing.

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