DATE: 06/26/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: BabyFace, Kiffin, Chitwood, Westside, Dory, Hasbro, Hooch, Swisher, Cuban

Total # of PAX: 10

QIC: Ricky Bobby

After very few hours of sleep, YHC rolled into the parking lot ready to go.  The PAX peered into the truck and got a glimpse of the Cheetos that would become their pole for the workout. (4 inch PVC pipe, filled with sand) The flag was planted and the pre-beatdown chatter was already strong with the PAX.  Many jokes and ‘[email protected]’ one liners were destined for today’s beatdown.  With poles and a name like The Cheetah, how could you not? The clock hit 5:30am, PAX paused for mechanical set up of a 1/2 robot leg and off we went.   YHC was very excited as the last PAX rolled in because it was the largest group yet for the newly formed Cheetah AO.


SSH – IC – x15
Weed Picker – IC – x10
Imperial Walkers – IC – x15
SunGods – OYO front and back
Mountain Climbers – IC – x15


PAX did a little mosey over to the little red truck to grab their Cheetos. After each man chose his pole of choice, we began. YHC gave the PAX one two rules. One, while mosey’ing the Cheeto stayed above your head, Zamerini style. Two, any workout where you could keep the Cheeto in your hands or above your head, Do It!

Lined up, lunge walked across the parking lot, Zamperini style. Mosey’d back to the start.

Mosy backwards to light pole, 10 merkins, mosy backwards to next light pole, 10 big boy sit ups, mosy backwards to the start.

Pax piled up their Cheetos, then on their six about 8 feet part.  First man picked up a pole and passed it to the man next to him, working abs.  When all poles reached the end, we brought them back.  (Only time it was okay to touch your partners pole) Once complete off we mosy’ed to the bus lane lot. Yep, you guessed it….Zamperini style!

Lined up for BLIMPS, OYO. All exercises that could use the pole….DID!  Exercises started at 5 and increased by 5 with a short mosey from light pole to light pole.

Mosey’ed to Cheetah Hill.  Next set of exercises were focused on thrusting and pumping those poles.  At the top – 25 triceps thrusts, mosey to the bottom – 50 biceps curls, mosey to the top – 75 triceps thrusts, mosey to the bottom – 100 biceps curls.

Mosey’ed to the school basketball court where we were running out of time but had enough time to keep going.  Confusing right?  YHC called out 6’s.  Same style as 11’s but modified.  Mosey to one end, squats, mosey back merkins.

Journey back to the flag, laid down our Cheetos and circled up for one round of mary.  Chitwood called out Freddie Mercury’s until time.



PAX discussed the importance of checking out the website for all events and announcements.  Almost to many to cover.  Reminded each other to remind others about the IndepenDANCE Party Beatdown taking place on July 4th @ Stoneclad.  There will be NO other open Cherokee AO’s that day.  All will report to Stoneclad.

Ricky Bobby is moving this week and has offered to allow any help that would like to be given.  Reach out to him on the Twitterverse if you have any questions about logistics.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Our 6th man today was Cuban.  What a great number 6 to have in the gloom today.  Cuban spent many years and quite the extensive list of accolades serving our country. Thank you for your service.  During that time, experienced the extreme calling into the ministry where he continued growth.  Thank you again for your service.  He spoke highly of his three sons.  All by which have married up in their lives.  Yes, including you Swisher! Cuban will also be retiring from occupational ministry soon.  Thank you Cuban for sharing your story with us once again.  I think we all have a TON we could learn from you.  You are wise, encouraging, joyful, thoughtful, and a beast in the gloom.  Thank you for doing life with us.

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