DATE: 07/10/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Garfield, Wiggum, Goodhands, WildThing, Fuzzy, Titlemax, Pauli, Tebow, Glowplug (Respect), Romo, Shawshank (Respect), The Fridge, Sawdust (FNG Welcome), Moleson, Preacher (Respect), Hasbro, Westside, Nomad

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Nomad




Short mosey and circled up to conduct 15 SSH, 10 Weed Pickers, Sun Gods foward and backward OYO, and Finkle Swings OYO.


The idea today was to make sure that no man was left behind and to work together with a partner. Started with a Scout Run (a variation of an Indian Run) forming in two lines. The two at the front would run together to a distance of their choosing and turn around and run back to the back of the line at which time the next two in the front do the same until everyone had their turn. Kept the pace at an appropriate pace and made adjustments to keep everyone together until everyone went through. Took a quick to complete 10 Merkins and 20 LBCs both OYO before getting back in the lines to finish the rest of the distance to the Hill of Pain.

Stopped at the top of the Hill of Pain and began the slow descent to the bottom while explaining what was involved in the DORA routine. Partnered up while one partner started the exercises and the other ran backwards up the hill and then forward down the hill to switch out until all reps were completed. The exercise were 100 Merkins, 200 BBSUs, and 300 Squats. Due to time the workout was modified after everyone completed the BBSU to no more running the hill and both partners together would complete at least 150 Squats. Once the squats were completed the group started the mosey back to the flag. Titlemax took lead while YHC and Garfield stayed back with the 6 to complete the mosey back. Titlemax started the Mary while waiting for the remainder of the group, then called on another Pax to lead another exercise, that Pax would than call another, and continue that trend until time ran out. About 5 MoM before time ended.


Welcome Alec (Sawdust).

Prayers for Chapstick with 4 week recovery from surgery.

Prayers for those that are traveling and for The Mole while being on a missions trip to Guatemala and one of the leaders who has had to go to the hospital.

Prayers for Whodat’s Uncle who is in the hospital.

Glowplugs buddy Dan who had an x-ray and they found something on his lungs.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

F3 Cherokee google account is suspended and is being rebuilt. Make sure to coordinate with site Qs for Q sheets.

2nd F Party at Swisher’s House this Friday at 6:00 P.M. 2.0’s and M’s welcome.

Nomad out.

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