DATE: 08/14/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Prem-O, Ma Bell, Goldberg, Legionnaire, Backseat Boy, Garfield, TitleMax, Homeboy, Manning, Fuzzy, Cousteau, Quagmire, Banana Boat, Bob Junk, Cricket, Tebow, Molson, Fleetwood, Romo, Swisher

Total # of PAX: 21

QIC: Dandy


We had 21 brave souls this morning, 20 of which saw that I was the Q and came anyway.


Sun Gods OYO

Overhead circle/vertical Sun Gods

Weed Pickers


After a quick warm-up, we worked on our ability to pick-up of the
Six, after a few false starts, we all started to get the hang of it.  We
also realized how much fun it is to run up and down the hill multiple
times, e.g. it pays to be a winner:-)
first main evolution was focused on our obliques and back muscles,
because nothing improves performance like a solid core.  The Q threw in
some Merkins because they are everyone’s favorite.  So four sets of
Supermen, Jack Knives (both sides), and Merkins got us sufficiently
grassy and a little stronger.
Then on to the
tricep muscle group with some dips.  Working as a team of 2, we knocked
out 100 dips, some did more because the Q failed to be clear that it was
100 as a team of 2, but that means you just got a little stronger, no
extra charge for that.
The back to the grassy
field for the dirty dozen.  While the dirty dozen always involves
Merkins (head up, back straight), the ab exercise is a wild card and,
no surprise, I choose flutter kicks.  Truth be told, flutter kicks used
to be very difficult for me and it took me a long time to work up to the
level I am at now, so just keep at it, but always with good form.
HomeBoy was spot on when he called out that proper flutter kick form is 6
to 36 inches with straight legs (that means your knees are not bent).
Imagine you are swimming with fins on that is a good way to focus on
proper form.  The best thing about the dirty dozen is, of course, the
trip down the pyramid, and no one was more excited about that than
Swisher.  His smile and words of encouragement (never sarcastic) is
really an inspiration to us all.
Finally, we
worked on our running technique.  I shared my only tip on free speed,
which is how to run downhill (actually, I have thought of one more so
you will want to come to my next Q).  It is amazing how many really
strong runners do not know how to run downhill.  We learned a few
things.  One – it is nearly impossible to run uphill wrong, lean
forward, shorter stride, foot lands under the knee with a mid-foot
strike (not a heel strike).  The trick to downhill running is to
maintain the same forward lean and mid-foot strike, and we do that by
focusing on springing up in the air to maximize our time in the air
before landing (we do not lean back, we do not lengthen our stride, we
do not heel strike).


Closing – it is another beautiful day that we are blessed with, and
as we go about our day, look for opportunities to practice small acts
of kindness and treat other the way you want others to treat your loved
ones, be they parents, spouses, or your children.
It was a pleasure working out with all of you this morning.  Looking forward to next time.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Final tip – if the grass irritates your skin, have baby wipes or something similar in your car and wipe down after the workout.
Till next time,

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