DATE: 06/11/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Dandy, Swisher, Wham-O, Mickey, Yogi, Cricket, Voodoo, Crowbar, Titlemax, Quagmire, Alcoa, Aquaman, Yogi

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Yogi

13 strong this morning for a full court press, courtesy of Coach Nolan Richardson.


  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Elevator Squats
  • Sun Gods


Nolan Richardson A.K.A. “40 Minutes of Hell”

Partner 1 performed each exercise denoted below as Partner 2 backpedaled roughly 75yards, performed a “Bobby Hurley” & jogged back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1. The fun continued on until all reps were completed.

  1. Burpees (150)
  2. Squats (300)
  3. Big Boy Sit-Ups (150)
  4. Little Baby Arm Circles (300)
  5. Merkins (150)
  6. Imperial Walkers (300) – Single Count with the exception of Cricket & Titlemax (the rest of us needed a chance to catch up)

Tune-O-Rama AC/DC Radio by Pandora (the free version as Swisher pointed out during a commercial break)


JLos,  Flutter Kicks, Monkey Humpers, and something else Swisher called out that has slipped my mind.


  • Prayers for safe travels (Titlemax, Voodoo, Alcoa)
  • Prayers for family from Northside Church that lost mother/wife in car accident recently
  • New Quarterly Q’s for 3rd Qtr of 2018.

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