DATE: 08/06/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Bloodhound, Alcoa, Aquaman, Homeboy, TitleMax, Misty, Whiz

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Babyface


YHC has been pumped to start doing the Iron Pax challenge since I heard about it a few weeks back.  YHC was less excited when I learned it started the week after doing the Spartan Super in Asheville, which was a brutal combination of elevation gain, mud, and pain.  But staying true to myself I wanted to get the week started right so after mapping out a nice little 400M Track I was ready as men began to show up



We did a quick mosey to where we had light and a starting line.  Then we ran through a few IC of each of the exercises for the challenge.  Squats, Big Boi Sit-ups, Merkins, Bonnie Blair’s, and burpees.


After a quick rundown of what we were doing we got going:

4 rounds for time:

50 Squats

40 Big Boi Sit Ups

30 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blair’s

10 Burpees

Run 400 M

Pax did some Mary as everyone finished, then head back to the flag.


Iron is forged in fire so with the time we had left we did a few rounds of Ring of Fire with Monkey Humpers, then Merkins, then Prisoner Squats.


Prayers for the families and teachers as we all get back into the groove of school and life


Prayers for Aquaman’s M that is working through Morning sickness as the students are coming back

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Aquaman, Homeboy, and Title Max crushed it today. Remember though, you can only submit scores to the Iron Pax ONCE.  So you can do the challenge as many times as possible for your best score.


When you are ready to submit, here is the link:

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