DATE: 08/01/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Spaceballs, Festiva, Sgt. Slaughter, Jetwash, Gut Check, Beater, Mouth 2 Mouth, Mandals, Fohawk, Tiny Tat, Wild Thing, Pulte, Barney, Cheez Whiz, Matchstick, Stopwatch (FNG), and Headhunter (FNG).

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Westside

18 PAX including 2 FNGs showed up on this soggy Wednesday morning despite it being the first day of school for the 2.0s. Spaceballs shouted hey to who he thought was Homeboy coming from the back parking lot only to find out, “That’s not Homeboy” as he came closer. Moseyed exactly at 0530 with 2 cars still pulling in the lot. Time for the warm-up.


YHC wanted to shake things up from the normal SSH, IW, and Sun Gods so we started the morning off nice and slow with the Army Physical Readiness Warm-up (a few exercises excluded for time)

10x Bend and Reach
10x Rear Lunges
10x High Jumpers
10x Rowers
10x Windmills
10x Forward Lunges
10x Merkins

The full list of exercises can be found here along with their explanations:

Once complete the PAX evenly distributed to the 2 sidewalks in front of the amphitheater to begin the C.L.I.M.B


The C.L.I.M.B is simple. It consists of 5 exercises: Crabwalk, Lunge, Imperial Walker, Merkin, Burpee. All exercises where it applied were performed using the Kodiak count. The run portion of this exercise had the PAX running up the stairs to the top, down the other side, and then take the sidewalk to the stage, go across it, and then back down to their starting point. The exercise is performed 5x using the following iterations:

Round 1

1x Crabwalk
2x Lunges
3x Imperial Walkers
4x Merkins
5x Burpees

Take a lap.

Round 2

2x Crabwalk
4x Lunges
6x Imperial Walkers
8x Merkins
10x Burpees

Take a lap.

Round 3

3x Crabwalk
6x Lunges
9x Imperial Walkers
12x Merkins
15x Burpees

Take a lap.

Round 4

4x Crabwalk
8x Lunges
12x Imperial Walkers
16x Merkins
20x Burpees

Take a lap.

Final Round

5x Crabwalk
10x Lunges
15x Imperial Walkers
20x Merkins
25x Burpees

Take a lap and perform Mary while waiting for the 6.

After all PAX completed the exercise we did a quick 10-count and then evenly distributed again on the 2 sidewalks for a game. PAX were assigned a number (1 through 9) and held a plank. When their number was called they took off running up the stairs to the top. The PAX that came in first chose a 10x rep exercise for the losing team to perform while they took a breather. We made it through 5 rounds before we recovered and circled up at the flag exactly at 6:15.


Name-o-rama followed by the 6th man (Jetwash). Afterwards we named the 2 FNGs. Stopwatch was named because he owns a company that does timing for local races called Orion (he’s actually doing the Frogtown event). Headhunter was named because he is literally a headhunter for work. There was much discussion over this on Twitter already.

Check out the website for all of the cool stuff we have coming up. Big rock is the 3rd F event at the Veteran’s house this weekend. Contact Hooch or Smurfette to get the info. Spaceballs will be putting on an impromptu Q in the area to accommodate you guys.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Shout out to Garfield who wasn’t present this morning because his wife went into labor last night. Prayers for him! Appreciate the opportunity to lead again this morning and look forward to our future expansion in Woodstock. Start gathering names and emails so we can send out a communication blast early!


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