F3 Dads Spartan Race:

We have been putting together an F3dads race with Spartan to be run at the Atlanta Sprint on October 27th.  The sprint is a 4 – 6-mile race, if you have been doing F3 for any length of time, you will be fine for this race.  It is also a great way to challenge yourself.  The men will race in the morning at in an early heat, then once we are back the kids will race.  Kids 4 and up are allowed to race.  There are 3 different lengths depending on age (1/2 mile; 1 mile; or 2 miles).  The kids have an awesome time.

I have a strong belief that it is important to show kids the power and importance of physical fitness.  and kids learn by watching what we are doing.  You are already leading by example but a lot of the time they don’t know what we do in the morning as we are up and gone before they get up and many times back and showered before they get out of bed during the week.  This is a great opportunity to be active with them and show them the results of hard work.  Think about, then join our team.

Click here to sign up: f3dads Spartan

Select the earliest available OPEN heat, then join team f3dads

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