DATE: 08/13/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Oops, Paulie, TitleMax, Floppy, Wham-O, Harp

Total # of PAX: 9

QIC: Babyface


YHC really wanted to keep Monday’s at the Hurt Locker for the Iron Pax Challenge, but a lack of cinder blocks meant that I needed to come up with something last night, so I went to a couple of old favorites that I had yet to pull out at the Hurtlocker.


After a quick Mosey to the light in the parking lot near the football field, we circled up for:

Imperial Walkers


And Copper Head Squats


You read that correctly a warm up can be done without SSH and Weed Pickers, it surprised me to.  I have tried many times over the past week, yet my brain has repeatedly defaulted back to at least one of those exercises before I could realize it.  Anyhow…


We headed down to the football field and lined up along the goal line.  The objective was to get to the objective: get to the opposite goal line in as few long jumps as possible.  The catch: Every 3 Jumps you had to do +1 Burpee. So after the 1st 3 jumps, 1 Burpee; after the next 3, 2 burpees; after the next 3, 3 burpees and you get the picture.  As guys finished wwe started to do a little Mary, with each man calling out a different exercise and leading it.

Once the 6 was in and after a quick 10 count, we lined up again along the goal line and performed a little DMC.  Duck walk to the 10 yard line, 5 Merkins, Reverse Bear crawl back to the line, wait for the 6 after each round. We continued this moving out 10 yards each time and adding 5 Merkins until we reached the 50 yard line.


Next we moseyed up to the benches by the concession stand for a little dip (IC) / step-up combo.  We did 3 rounds of a random number of dips each time and 10 OYO Step ups, then back to the flag with just enough time for Legionnaire to calling a loooong round of what seems to be a respect pax favorite flutter kicks.



Prayers for the expansion that we are experiencing, that we maybe able to sustain this growth and reach as many men as possible.

Naked-Man Moleskin:


  • TClaps to Oops who, on his 2nd post led a round of Merkins during Mary after the long jumps to perfection.  Great job and great Q in the making

  • TClaps to Paulie who was our 6th man for the day and did great job not meloting on the football field.  And instead of bailing, he kept working and modified as needed to stay in the workout. Honestly great job, it’s a lot easier to quit than to continue to push, especially when you feel dinner coming back up.

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