DATE: 07/25/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: TitleMax, Aquaman, Cricket, Misty, Babyface, Floppy, Homeboy, Alcoa, Banjo, Bloodhound, Voodoo, Harp, Matchstick, Mickey, NattyLight, Woody

Total # of PAX: 17



After Cricket’s leg and knee burning Monday beatdown at the Kodiak, YHC and QIC was truly a bit concerned about leading the beatdown this morning.  And yet then I remembered the wise words from my high school Latin teacher and somehow, budget’s must have been very tight if not desperate, soccer coach, Mr. Ron Folds (see TitleMax for further color) — Dolor terminabit, Semper Victoria (Pain is temporary, Victory Forever).  So with 200mg of ibuprofen and some Tiger balm on the knees, prepared felt I.


A very proper warm-up and stretch:
Mosey to the field behind the Middle School
Weedpicker, a slow 10
Windmill, a moderate 10
Hillbilly, 10
Happy Jacks (of course), 10


Hindenburg BLIMPS (modified)

Starting in the near corner of the marked field, the exercise would consist of the normal BLIMPS around the six points of the sidelines (four corners, two midfield stops) — Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Mercans, Plankjacks, Squats.  Normally we’d do increments of 10, building upon and including each previous point exercise (e.g. burpees to start, then burpees and lunges at the next point), but in this case we would only build and include the burpees, with each point representing the different exercise after the burpees had been completed.  So, starting at 5, we did 5 burpees, spring to midfield, then 10 burpees/10 Kodiak count lunges, sprint to end corner, 15 burpees/15 Imperial Walkers, and so on.  By the fourth point and third corner, you begin feeling the resistance at 20 burpees.  All told 105 burpees, with some LBCs, flutters, fire hydrants, BBSU until we got the Six in.  

Long mosey back around the middle school, across the street, kicking it double-time around the high school to the only hill at this AO (near the tires).  We then commence some Elevens (BBSU, Diamond Mercans) at the hill.  

Mosey to the football stadium for some final, Prison Cell Mercan Burpees, PCMBs (completed 10, the first 5 good, by #6 you are feeling it).  

Back to the flag, for a final J-Lo minute.

All said, 115 burpees, 105 Mercans, and change


Power of Unity event, prayers for Hombre’s father, Babyface’s father, Chapstick’s recovery, and prayers for our wider community.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

TClaps to Voodoo’s son’s Rocket Club team, which took first place at the World Championship in London, England. Yes, world champs, Cherokee County, Georgia.
Countless events in the forthcoming weeks, see the eponymous C4NN

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