DATE: 07/25/2018

WHERE: The Playground

THE PAX: Thrasher, Wiggum, A.C., Dory, Dosido, The Mole

Total # of PAX: 6

QIC: The Mole


Today’s theme could be misconstrued by teenage minds to mean something entirely different than the intent.  Nonetheless, today’s theme was “do hard things”.  The point was to take our daily red pill and challenge ourselves in some way.  Whether that means a physical challenge at a beatdown, or an emotional challenge you are facing with your M, or a relational challenge at work or with your 2.0’s.  We all have challenges we face.  The point of “do hard things” is to not shrink from those challenges but to take them head-on.  To charge at the challenge rather than try to circumvent the challenge.  Only when we embrace the suck (as GoRuck likes to say) will we progress and grow.  So… today we did hard things starting with…..


Short mosey around parking island to get blood flowing
Windmill IC
Sun Gods
Imperial Walkers IC


Nothing is more difficult or challenging that when someone drops a bomb… either metaphorically or literally.  So, today the PAX partnered up for some BOMBS
B – Burpees (x50)
O – Overhead press with coupon (x100)
M – Mike Tyson (x150…. though the Q called an audible to 100… but circled back to it later)
B – Bulgarian Split Squat (x200 using coupon for back leg support)
S – Start Jumps (x 250)
In between exercises one PAX carried coupon overhead Zamperini style (or Cusack whichever reference you prefer) to light pole and back.  Once into second exercise of overhead press the Q allowed to carry coupon in half-curl hold to light pole and back to give shoulders a rest.  PAX alternated between one or the other remainder of routine.

With not enough time to get to second routine Q designed, the PAX circled back to Mike Tysons and did as many as possible in a 2 minute span OYO.


TABATA – 20 seconds exercise with 10 seconds rest
Alternate between elbow plank and Flutter Kick for 5 minutes of Mary to end workout.


See intro above for theme of day.
Grateful to have Dosido back with us at The Playground!  Glad his back is healing.   Praying he stays healthy and able to continue posting in the gloom.  Welcome back friend!
After COT, Wiggum spoke with A.C. and YHC about touchy situation with his neighbors.  Praying for clarity and poise in dealing with challenging relational dynamic.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

When Q hit “shuffle” on the playlist for the day the first song that came on was “Hard As A Rock” by AC/DC.  Coincidence?  I think NOT!

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