DATE: 06/21/2018

WHERE: Stoneclad

THE PAX: Woody, Chitwood, Harp, Kiffin, Cousteau (FNG), Good Hands, Mickey, LawDog, Cricket

Total # of PAX: 9

QIC: Cricket



20 SSH

15 Windmills

10 Alternating R/L Planks

10 Imperial Squawkers


We moseyed over to the playground for  some circuit training.  There were 10 stations with various heavy things.  We did 3 rounds of the following with 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Sumo Squat (45lb kettlebell)
  3. Overhead Press (45lb kettlebell)
  4. American Hammers (25lb plate)
  5. Deadlift (two 25lb kettlebells)
  6. Bent-over Row (two 25lb dumbbells)
  7. Clean & Press (35lb kettlebell)
  8. Bulgarian Split Squat (25lb plate)
  9. Curl (45lb sandbag)
  10. Overhead Press with Lunge and Kneel (45lb sandbag)

Around round 3 Mikey marveled at the lack of merkins, so YHC decided it would be good to change things up.  YHC went with a Finisher Pyramid until time ran out. We started with 1 rep of each and continued to add reps each round.

  • Inchworm Merkins
  • The Crapper (this is a new YHC came up with, credit to LawDog for naming rights)

The Crapper is a right leg lunge jump, into a squat jump, to a left leg lunge jump, and then to another squat jump to equal 1 rep.


Party at Swisher’s on Friday, July 13th.  All the details are on!

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