So last year Bloodhound and I came up with the idea that we needed to have our very own CSAUP.  So the Camel Hump was born.  We completed 3 beatdowns at 3 different Alpha AOs and ruck the distance between the three (about 12 miles).  This year YHC decided to change it up a bit and since it was Labor Day weekend that we have chosen as a good weekend to perform, then recover from a CSAUP event, we decided to stick with that date.  And since YHC enjoys Greek Mythology, why not really go all in on the “Labor” day idea and have a 12 part beatdown reminiscent of Hercules 12 labors.  Now we will not wrestle the Erymanthean Boar, have to kill a hydra, or defeat the Nemean Lion.  But we will complete 12 grueling tasks that by the end will make you feel as if you too could have been a Greek hero.

The 12 Labors

2018 CSAUP  “The Hercules Labors Day Event”

Hercules had 12 labors, so why not have a 12 exercise/portions to the mega beatdown that will take place on LABOR day weekend.

The Thang:

THE HOT GATES – Bloodhound

“Molon labe.”– King Leonidas of Spartan

The Spartans marched more than 220 miles to Thermopylae, then fought the Persians for 3 days. Thus, this workout begins with a long run, followed by 3 rounds of punishment.


  • Dynamic warm-up  (1)

Main set

  • 10km run (2)

  • 5 minutes rest

  • 50 burpees (3)

  • 100-meter bucket carry out (4)

  • 50 burpees (5)

  • 100-meter bucket carryback (6)

  • 100-meter sandbag walking lunges (out) (7)

  • 100-meter army crawl pushing your sandbag (back) (8)

  • 5 minutes rest

Logs of Death – Babyface

  • Log carry  (9)
  • Log Exercises – Log Press/Log Squat/ Log Flip/Log Sit-ups/Log Straddle Hop/Logs Over under (10)
  • Log carryback  (11)

Home Brew – 30-minute beatdown Q’ed by one of our PAX. (12)


Pax bring:

1) 5-gallon bucket capable of holding water

2) Headlamp

3) nutrition

4) gloves

The Cause:

 I have a friend whose daughter, Falyn (8), is battling through childhood cancer.  I am working to raise money for his family to help support her medical costs. So I am asking for $20 sign up fee to cover the patch that you will earn and for the remainder to go directly to the family.  The Burden we will bear this day will be great, but nothing compared to what they are going through. Thank you for considering taking part in this challenge.

Payments and Donations can be made at:

Venmo: [email protected]


Who: All Pax

What: 2nd Annual CSAUP

Date: 9/1/2018

Where: Boling Park

When: 0500 Start Time (Be early)

Support: F3 M’s and anyone not wanting to take part in the challenge but wanting to still help out can help as tactical support (pictures/video; fluids & nutrition)

Sign up: 

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